10 Most Popular SEO Plugins

Everyone knows that SEO is a very big concept and it requires a lot of knowledge to develop it. Nowadays every blogger, e-commerce portals, and most business people use WordPress websites. For these site’s SEO is done by the professionals and are managed by the analysts for day to day work.

For business, e-commerce, and blogs different types of maintenance were required for an easy and smooth running of the website. SEO uses many plugins to run the website or blog effectively and helps in good ranking by the search engine. For this process, many plugins are available which are free and paid versions in the market.

Some plugins do single function which is mostly the free, while some of them do more than one function and are suitable to all most all type of websites. Each and every tool has a different function to do. Here are the some of the most downloaded and used SEO Plugins available in the market.

1.SEO by Yoast

It is one of the best and free SEO plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most downloaded with downloads more than a million. Yoast is the complete solution for the most of the problems for SEO On page. Using SEO by Yoast we can do following things.

  • Custom boxes for Meta description and keywords.
  • Helps to integrate social media icons like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Shows keyword density in the post.
  • Hints for placing keywords for better ranking.
  • Analysis of inbound and outbound links.
  • On page analysis.

2.All in One SEO pack

This Plugin is one of the most popular with downloads over more than 10 million. This is used by the most of the SEO professionals. All In One SEO pack is available in two versions, free version, and premium version.

The free version has limited functions and a premium has advanced functions with online installation and service support. The functions performed by this plugin are the following.

  • Generates Meta Description and meta keywords automatically to the posts.
  • Optimize Titles for best results.
  • Adds alt tag ( alternate tags ) to the images within the post.
  • It has the best performance on E-commerce portals and mostly used by them.
  • Helps to find duplicate pages to avoid Penalty.

3.Smart Crawl

It is paid and available by WPMUDEV. This plugin is available for trial version for the first month but with limited access provided on site. Smart Crawl is the most powerful WordPress SEO plugin that boosts page rank and generates traffic to the website with our small effort and simple configuration. The major functions of this are as follows.

  • It sends sitemap updates to Search engines.
  • Custom Description and titles.
  • Moz Integration
  • Automated Sitemap creation.
  • Auto link Keywords to any URL.

4.WOO Commerce

WOO Commerce plugin mostly used by the E-commerce portals which is available in free and premium versions. Every E-commerce sites use these plugins.

This Plugin helps E-commerce portals to display keywords and description automatically when they enter the products on the site.

5.Squirrly SEO

This is the most powerful SEO used by the professionals due to its fast loading. This is faster than Yoast  By SEO when compared by professionals in a test. This is available in premium version. It has functioned more than any plugin, nearby hundred in the number of functions most by any of the SEO plugins.

It ensures content is optimized both for the Search Engines and readers. For the beginners, this plugin helps a lot in developing the site as a professional. As it does almost all the functions on SEO. It comes with an SEO Assistant which does all the work.

6.SEO Ultimate

SEO Ultimate is a powerful plugin with almost more than 2 million downloads, which is available in free and premium versions. Premium version has an advanced function.

SEO Ultimate has the basic features which cover all but adds unique ones that are designed to keep practices at the forefront of content creation. In addition to title tags and meta description editors, it has a long list of deep linking functions that include putting a link in a drift that activates when its published. It posts links to social networking sites automatically when we publish an article on the site.

7.SEO Pressor

It is one of the most powerful plugin used. It can manage all your pages, posts, post formats, overall it does all the functions of the website. It was inbuilt with keyword research tool which helps to find long keywords. We can drag keywords and drop in the content easily with this tool. This helps in time-saving.

Some of the features of SEO Pressor are

  • Inbuilt Keyword research Tool.
  • Automatically manages Page, Posts, and Custom post formats.
  • Inbound and outbound linking to check the SEO stats of the content.
  • It adds Facebook graph and Twitter meta data tags.
  • Inbuilt support for snippet to write reviews and made schema.org compatible automatically.

8.SEO Cleaner

This is a different plugin which is not used to writing or optimizing posts. This is exclusively used to optimize performance of the website by removing unwanted content.

Some of the features it performs are

  • Boost your SEO
  • Cleans up Source Code
  • Deletes redundant links and scripts
  • Disables RSS Feeds
  • Removes extra HTTP headers
  • Removes HTML comments
  • Redirects unused archives.

9.SEO Friendly Images

Proper images in the website can drag a lot of traffic to the site gradually increasing the page rank of the website. Image optimization is very important for this. SEO Friendly images plugins help you to automatically optimize images on the website when we upload. It adds alt tags to the images and also titles for the images. This plugin automatically adds alt tag and title tag to each and every image on the website. It also takes the title of the content as keywords and will use them for better ranking.

10.Google XML sitemaps.

This helps to generate a sitemap of the website so that it makes easier for Google to index pages on the site. Having a sitemap on website helps Google to crawl the website and index pages for search purpose. This is a very useful plugin and prioritizes different areas of the site.

There are much more plugins that can be used on the WordPress site for SEO. Most of them have different function for performing. We have to choose based on the need for our website and the functions it performs. Having more plugins also lags the website.

So we have to choose them which are very useful and comes in handy to our website.


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