15 Best Email Subject Lines

Email marketing is the most cost-effective and best digital marketing technique to acquire new customers and increase brand awareness and brand value.
But email marketing is not easy, it requires a lot of patience and creativity to come up with good content and subject lines for those bulk emails.
On an average a user gets dozens of promotional emails every day, so users are predetermined that those mails are trying to sell them something that they don’t need and end up in spam or recycle bin.
All the effort put in the content and graphics will be of no use if the email’s subject line is not attractive, so it’s very important to use best subject lines for emails.
You don’t need a professional copywriter to write those subject lines, you just need to follow some tips and use some already successful ideas and spend some good time on brainstorming new ideas, that’s it you will come up with your own unique email subject lines for your business.

Things to Consider Before Coming Up With a Subject Line:

  • Subject line must be interesting to make the user click and open the mail
  • Subject line shouldn’t be misleading or irrelevant to the content in the mail
  • Show the most beneficial part of the content in the subject line
  • Subject line shall be curious and intriguing
  • Subject lines must be creative and thought to provoke
  • Subject lines must be encouraging and positive radiating

Here are 15 best email subject lines of various promotional emails, read them and get inspired

1.You are not alone

Simple and effective in intriguing the reader’s curiosity, if you open the mail you can find something like you are not alone facing this issue, to aid you we have come up with ———— about the company products and services.

2.Happy Birthday – Surprise Inside

This is also another simple creative subject line, people open such mails to know about surprise and generally find coupons and info about season end sales.


This is a far too simple subject line which sounds absolutely normal and can be used for any kinds of promotion mails. If you open such mail you can find something like “Hey we are a new and rising company offering our services do try our services, yours sincerely “

4.Don’t Open This Email

This subject line increases reader’s curiosity and makes them open it and generally has witty and humorous mail like “ You did it !!!!, in spite of the warnings !!!, now try resisting not going to the biggest holiday sales ever with flat 50 % discount————– “

5.Tired of making your boss rich?

This kind of subject lines are content related, if you open this mail you can find relative content like how to start your own business with their help.

6.Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud

These are most easy to use and effective too. Emails as these contain deals about various brands and discounts.

7.Why 95% of traders lose money in the stock market

Another contextual fact related subject line to hike up reader’s interest.

8.Uh-oh !

An emotional expression used a subjective line, it generally intrigues the curiosity about what caused the sender to express such words. If you open this kind of mails you can see content similar to this “ forgot your wallet? Never worry about your wallet again, install our app and pay instantly.”

9.John has been hacked – Are you sure you aren’t hacked too?

Another example for a content related subject line, if you open this mail it will say something like “ John has been hacked and lost all his data, don’t be afraid! Install our software designed by professionals and approved by the government, we will protect your data from all kinds of internet threats.”

10.Do not live with regret let us help protect your family

Conclusive statement subject line. If you open this mail you will find something like ” live freely without bothering about future, your future is safe with your insurance policy with our firm.”

11.Holiday offers! Hurry up

Simple and meaningful subject lines.

12.7 prostate cancer warning signs

Straight out content related subject line, these emails include links to various articles and promotional offers about health checkups.

13.For Investors Who Hate Paying Commissions

Another content related creative subject line

14.Last chance for

Another curiosity striking subject line, if you open this mail you can find something like “ Last chance for registering to the free demo with government recognized and certified education platform, sign up now to get occasional discounts when joining “. These subject lines are best used for online selling.


This is an effective subjective line used when content is about tips, if you open this mail it will read similar to “ 17 tips to maximize your efficiency in your work ”

Comment more intriguing subject lines and help fellow readers.

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