23 Free SEO Tools You Can Use To Skyrocket Your Search Traffic

23 Free SEO Tools You Can Use To Skyrocket Your Search Traffic


#1. Google Trends

Search queries change over time. Not all keywords are used by people. They pick up the best. Google Trends is the place where you can know what type of content people are searching for.

Let’s say you have an e-commerce website and you want to increase sales of sarees. For this, you need to know what kind of sarees, users search for. Are they searching for designer sarees or cotton sarees? Go to Google trends and compare these two searches. It shows which search items are most popular. Based on this information, you can use that phrase on your website to boost search traffic.

Google Trends top charts is an amazing place for bloggers to know what keywords are searched most and what are trending.

#2. Google Analytics

To enhance your brand and to become successful in blogging, you need to understand your visitors and how they interact with your blog.

Google Analytics does this job for you. If you are new to blogging and have set up your blog then don’t forget to set up traffic analytics too.

You can increase your search traffic with Google Analytics tool. It gives you information about your blog visitors. How much time they spend on your blog? From where they are accessing your blog? How many numbers of pages they visited? And much more.

It’s completely free tool. You just need a Google account to use this tool and of course, it’s free.

To make your blog more search engine friendly, you should consider starting using SEO in every post. Optimize your old content posts for traffic. With Google Analytics, you can check what pages in your blog get the most traffic. Once you have that data, improve those pages even better to drive more traffic.

#3. Google Pagespeed Tool

Is your blog site loading super fast? If not, you must start working on it very seriously. Your blog ranking depends on how fast your website is loading. The design you use in your blog should give better user experience.

Google page speed tool helps to analyze your blog site speed on mobile and desktop platforms. If your blog site loads to fail fastly, you will lose traffic. Over 50% of web users, don’t look at the website if it does not load in 3 seconds.

You need to know your site pros and cons. Google page speed tool helps you with this. You can make your blog more mobile-friendly as it gives lot many suggestions and recommendations based on Google webmaster guidelines for page load speed.

#4. SEO Audit From SEO Mastering

The SEO service offered by SEO Mastering is so amazing that it benefits both webmasters and bloggers to manage their blogs. Visit SEO mastering, type your blog URL and click on ‘Analyse’. It returns with detailed report’ of the website URL you entered. SEO audit tool can detect spam links, site content management system.

It offers a wide variety of tools:

  • Content SEO tool that includes keyword density checker, page comparison, similar text finder, duplicate page finder.
  • Website Rank Checker tool which includes Pagerank prediction, Fake PageRank checker, Alexa rank checker, TrustRank checker.
  • Link Analysis tool that includes backlinks checker, links value calculator, backlinks builder, Reciprocal link checker.
  • Site Analysis SEO tool which includes Domain stats checker, Domain age checker, Website speed tester, URL redirect checker, Google banned checker.
  • Whois and IP tool that offers Geolocation tool, Online port scanner, WHOIS lookup, Whois-domain name checker, HTTP header viewer.
  • Some miscellaneous SEO tool that includes Email image creator, Browser details, Yandex-Rambler rank checker.

All these tools and services are offered for free. With every tool, make suitable editions to your blog content for SEO.

#5. Moz Free SEO Tools

Moz SEO tools, an inbound marketing tool that helps you to track SEO, links, brand awareness, content marketing and much more. We all know Moz Pro is a premium service but they also offer few free SEO tools mentioned below.

  • Mozbar: This browser toolbar gives you all information related to any link that gets displayed in Google search results. It’s Page Authority(PA), Domain Authority(DA), backlinks and much more. SERP overlay is part of Mozbar and so shows all these metrics.
  • Open Site Explorer: It’s a powerful backlink analysis tool.
  • Followerwonk: It’s a tool for twitter analytics.

Simply to say, Moz free SEO tools give all SEO related information for your blog or website at one place. It gives you information on how your blog is performing against to that of your competitors.

#6. WooRank

Have you ever checked whether your blog is SEO-friendly or not? If not, you can find those details with WooRank. This tool gives a review of any website instantaneously. It is available for 7-day free unlimited access.

It gives in-depth analysis of your blogs like usability, mobile optimization and much more. To enhance your blog performance, you can use WooRank to monitor search engine rankings and backlinks.

The Woorank website report contains 8 sections:

  • SEO which gives back link count and information whether site follows on-page SEO or off-page SEO.
  • Marketing checklist.
  • Information related to mobile optimization of your blog site.
  • Various technologies which investigate blog site’s speed optimization, W3C standard compliance etc.
  • Site’s popularity on the social network.
  • Site’s listing in local directories.
  • Measures site’s popularity based on various traffic estimates.
  • #7. XML Sitemaps

    Search engines preferable language is Extensible Markup Language. To feed data to the search engine, XML sitemaps plays a crucial role. If you are not using a sitemap of your site, you are doing a terrible mistake. A sitemap is what tells search engines what to crawl on your site when it gets updated with fresh information (blog posts, videos, comments etc).

    If you want your blog content to be indexed by search engine, then you need to consider using XML sitemaps. It provides all the information related to your blog content to search engine.

    You can get this work done very simple by using XML sitemaps.

    • Go to XML sitemaps site, enter your blog URL. Click on ‘Start’ button
    • Sitemap generates information about pages, XML file content, a list of broken links. It will also give a link to a sitemap file.
    • Download it and keep it in the domain root folder of your blog site.
    • Now go to your Google web master account and add your sitemap URL.

    Submitting XML sitemap to Google, Bing, and Yahoo is crucial for better performance as it includes meta data that helps search engine to understand your blog content better.

    #8. Screaming Frog

    If you are not sure about your website SEO problems, then head on to Screaming Frog.

    This particular tool looks for those problems and reports you those problematic areas. Screaming Frog looks for oversized image files, broken links, duplicate pages and so many.

    You can make use of these results to improve your blog SEO ranking. You can crawl up to 500 URLs at a time in free version.

    #9. Hootsuite

    If you are blogging for a while, you might already know the fact that social media is the new SEO. Social signals play a HUGE role in getting better search rankings. If you are ignoring the social media, that’s the biggest mistake you are doing. Because the social media plays an important role in SEO success.

    That’s the reason why I’m including a social media platform like HootSuite in this collection of free SEO tools post because I know the importance of social metrics. To promote new content, to engage with influential bloggers, to get opportunities HootSuite is one of the best platforms.

    You can monitor social media traffic, track where your brand is mentioned, check for trending keywords. To drive traffic to your blog, you can use this information to optimize your content and status updates on social media accounts

    #10. Small SEO Tools

    To collect data, you need to perform extensive research and then analyze it to use it for increasing search traffic. This manual process is so time to consume. Small SEO tool makes it damn easy for you.

    It’s pretty simple to use. Below are the facilities it offers:

    • Once you are done with the article, you can check for plagiarism.
    • It gives rewrite suggestions if the article is not up to the mark.
    • Gives suggestions related to the position of keywords in the post.
    • It checks for grammar mistakes.
    • You can resize images to make it SEO-friendly.
    • You can check how many backlinks are pointing to your blog post.
    • It checks your blog site speed and it is highly essential to increase page rank.
    • It suggests long tail keywords for the blog post.
    • Checks for keyword density in the post and gives suggestions.
    • You can compare your Alexa rank against 5 domains. You can check with your top competitors.

    It offers much more facilities and it’s completely free tool that serves as an all-in-one SEO tool.

    keyword suggestions.

    #11. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

    If you want to know what kind of keywords people search for then you should use Google keyword planner. You need to have Google AdWords account to use this tool and it’s free.

    Give your seed keyword and it returns all sorts of information like what is the search volume for that keyword monthly? What is its competition? Etc..

    It is free keyword research tool that gives keywords which drive traffic to your blog. It helps in finding right keyword for your blog.

    Keywords are the life to your content and it is the basis for SEO. keyword planner gives lot many keyword suggestions but chooses that has a decent search volume. Modify all your content in such a way that search engine loves it. Keyword planner helps in this regard.

    You can give your competitor URL to know for what keywords their website is ranking for. One great SEO tip is to select keywords that have low competition in Google.

    How you can use keyword planner for SEO?

    • Create Google AdWords account to use keyword planner and it’s free. Once created, login into AdWords account, click on Tools and select ‘Keyword planner’.
    • It gives three different tools. Choose one tool at a time and search for keywords for your blog niche. Enter your seed keyword, location, product details, targeting country if any specific and click on ‘Get ideas’
    • Whatever the tool you select, it will take you to ‘Keyword results page’ there you have two options one is ‘Ad group ideas’ and ‘Keyword ideas’. Check both the options for great keywords.

    Remember, higher the “suggested bid” you mention, more the lucrative information.

#12. SERPs SEO Tools

It is also one of the best all-in-one SEO tools. You can check where your blog ranks for a particular term.

Here are the three SEO tools SERPs offers:

  • Keyword rank checker: Just enter seed keyword and your blog. It tailors the results and display results for the keyword.
  • Keyword research database: If you want to generate more keyword ideas, this tool helps you. For each keyword suggestion, it also gives search volume estimate and so you can know whether that keyword has high competition or low competition.
  • Google location changer: You can’t change your location manually in Google. However, it is possible with this tool. If you are dealing with the products that are location specific, then this tool is for you.

If you are looking to get more opportunities and to earn money through blogging, then Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority(DA) also plays an important role. You always need to check your blog ranking position and ways to increase it. This tool helps you to know where your blog stands.

#13. Traffic Travis

Well, who doesn’t want to improve their blog ranking in a search engine? If you are also one, then this tool does the job. It tells you where your blog is lacking behind and what you can do to improve ranking.

It is free SEO tool which is highly powerful.

How to set up Traffic Travis that keeps track of your blog’s growth?

  • Once you download and install it. On the top right corner, from the active project Dropbox, choose ‘create new project’
  • Then add all the details of your blog. To check for any SEO warnings, import pages from your blog to ‘My site’ of traffic Travis.

Use Traffic Travis to mine keywords for your blog content. This tool offers mainly 5 features:

  • Keyword tools: You can do keyword research with this tool.
  • PPC analysis: based on top keywords and sites, it gives suggestions of where to focus your PPC.
  • SEO Analysis: It analyzes your blog based on the keywords
  • Search Engine Tools: this is the tool that gives information of backlinks. High-quality backlinks are very important if you are serious about your blog ranking. It also shows you how your blog ranks.
  • Page Analysis: It analyzes SEO on each page in your blog.

For any specific keyword, it analyzes statistics and search engine trends. It also shows you which websites are ranking high for what keywords.

#14. WikiGrabber

To find important broken Wikipedia links and citations, WikiGrabber tool helps you and of course you can’t ignore link building if you are serious to drive traffic.

For example, your blog’s niche is weight loss, go to WikiGrabber and search for that keyword. It gives you all relevant pages that have dead links. Check with each result and see whether your blog content fits it or not.

One small tip is while checking each page, just type Ctrl+F and type ‘dead link’. This will highlight all dead links on that page. If you have a content that matches the description, you can replace that broken link with your blog link.

If you don’t have one, you can create the content for it.

WikiGrabber is 100% free tool. Remember, when you replace dead link with your blog link, it will be under human moderation so if it is of poor quality content, it’s not going to be approved. It takes a little bit of time but it’s one of the best ways to get quality backlinks.

#15. Rank Cracker

This free tool is created by Matthew Woodward who is an internet marketing entrepreneur and a SEO blogger. You need not reinvent the wheel, observe your competitors strategies and you will get a clue.

With this tool, you can import the list of backlinks that your competitors have. It will also analyze and instruct how you can use that in your blog.

Rank Cracker analyzes your competitor’s backlinks and determines which tool can be used to replicate it. In order to get the access to the software details, you need to subscribe to the developer’s email newsletter. Then you will get download details to your email.

Download and install. If you are using any other tools, you can use that too along with this if your set it up while installing.

If you are already using any other link building software, Rank Cracker helps you with more targeted information. Rank Cracker is very effective tool in finding your competitors backlinks and then replicating for your blog.

#16. Xenu’s Link Sleuth

With Xenu’s link sleuth, you can find broken links on websites. It also supports SSL (https) websites.

You can check more than 1 million URL’s and it;s absolutely free. It’s not just a broken link finder and much more than that.

How to find broken links?

Just enter URL and check ‘skip external’ so that it won’t crawl entire web. Now let it go. It gives a detailed report about broken links. You can export the data to Google Docs if you want. Click on ‘File’ option in the menu and you see export options.

Apart from finding broken links, you can also filter the length of the title tags, 302 directs on your blog if any. You can modify settings in the crawl preferences. Check on ‘treat redirects as error’.

You can also find images that don’t have alt text. How to do this? Filter excel download to image files, the ‘Title’ column is alt text of the image.

If you want to buy a domain from any site owner, Xenu’s link sleuth crawls external resources like directories. You will see ‘not found’ URL errors from directory entries and it’s expiry details too.

#17.  SEO Analyzer From Neil Patel

This tool is a famous blogger Neil Patel who offers it for free. You can compare up to 3 pages and analyze. SEO Analyzer offers following features:

  • SEO Analysis helps you to fix all kind of SEO errors to increase your blog ranking. The report has a complete analysis that guides you step by step.
  • Every wants to write a content that goes viral. If you are aiming for it then content marketing report that this tool generates helps you with it. It shows you all the popular articles on your blog.
  • It is very important to prioritize things and marketing checklist report that it generates prioritizes things to increase traffic and sales of your blog. So, you can focus on important things.
  • Competitive analysis report tells you why your competitors are doing better than you and where your blog lacks it.

With every valuable information, you can mold your blog for SEO to increase search traffic.

#18. WordPress SEO By Yoast

Wanna optimize your blog page ranking? If so, install Yoast SEO plugin today. It is one of the widely used free SEO tools in the world right now (with over 1 million active downloads).

To improve your blog WordPress SEO and to drive more search traffic, here are the few WordPress SEO tips. You know, by default WordPress is SEO-friendly. This is why most of the people use WordPress when they want to start a blog.

  • Check whether search engine visibility is checked or unchecked. Go to dashboard, click on settings. Under that, there is an option called ‘Reading. Click on it, there you will see ‘Search Engine Visibility’. Make sure that checkbox is unchecked or else your blog won’t be shown in search results.
  • ’Use SEO-friendly URLs that are related to your content. It helps in ranking better position in search result. For example, www.yourdomainname.com/marketing-tips this is SEO-friendly URL and readable. www.example.com/?p=155 is unreadable and not SEO-friendly. Under settings, go to permalinks page and select ‘post name’
  • WordPress offers the best SEO plugin that is Yoast. It serves as the complete SEO solution for your blog.

#19. Open Link Profiler

Link building is one of the powerful strategies to skyrocket your search traffic. You need to build high-quality links to your blog.

OpenLinkProfiler is an incredible browser tool that gives information of backlinks. You can also check where those quality backlinks are coming from. If you want high-quality backlinks to your blog, then this is the must tool.

#20. Rank Checker

Did you ever observe at what page your website or blog shows up in Google search results? If not you can check that with Rank Checker.

It will display at what page your blog shows up. It also gives necessary tips to improve it in order to get the blog displayed in the first results of Google search engine. Install this toolbar so that you can track the information on where your blog stands in Google search results.

#21. SEOquake

It is available as a browser add-on for almost all browsers. To know SEO related information of any blog or website, this tool is very useful which includes information of PageRank, Alexa rank, last updated content and much more.

Many SEO professional prefer this free tool. You can compare URLs and domain, check internal and external links, performs on-page SEO audit.

SEOquake offers these features:

  • SEObar which gives the summary of any webpage that you are browsing with SEObar.
  • SEO dashboard provides all information related to Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority (DA) and backlink details with just one click.
  • Gives a detailed analysis of SERP overlay.
  • With keyword analysis, you can know the detailed information of all the keywords that are found on the page.

With the above data, you can fix optimization issues for your blog.

#22. SEO Powersuite

It is one of the most effective SEO tools that you can use. There is both a free version and paid version is available. However, you can access to lot many great tools in free download too.

  • Website Auditor: This tool shows you how to optimize at every step.
  • Rank Tracker: It’s not always checking your blog results. To increase your brand, you need to spy on your competitors too. This tool shows you how your competitors are performing for different keywords. So, once having that data, make improvements in your blog and steal traffic from your competitors.
  • Link Assistant: This is one of the best tools to find guest blogging opportunities. You can manage all your links and build partnerships.
  • SEO SpyGlass: You can explore lot many backlinks of your competitors. I should say over 1,00,000 competitors backlinks. You can use this data and do link building for your blog.

#23. Moonsy

With Moonsy tool, you will be able to check Google keyword rankings, track your blog keywords, check the current ranking of your keyword.

It is a completely free tool where you can find website metrics like Alexa rank, Page Authority (PA), Domain Authority(DA), domain age etc.

Go to Moonsy, enter your keyword and domain name. Click on ‘Check Keyword Rank’. It displays at what position your blog ranked for that keyword. If it shows your blog rank in top 100 then use that keyword in every blog post provided you are stuffing keyword unnecessarily.

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