3 Secrets to Getting Results From Meeting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

3 Secrets to Getting Results From Meeting Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella


Meeting are the great conundrum of business, we groan when we think about bad meetings, boring, unproductive, and devouring precious time that we all never see again. But meeting done right things can be the birthplace of great ideas and a wonderful platform to receive vital real-time feedback. Meeting are many types but discussion takes place on the goals of the organization. The meeting is a seemingly every work day event that sometimes takes place more often than usual. That includes sales meeting with prospective customers. The typical scenario would be, you get a potential sales lead and you get your hopes up and try to close that deal ASAP, so immediately you call them to meet. But before you jump the gun, perhaps you should consider some meeting tips that you could easily apply in that upcoming sales appointment of yours, especially if the device is coming from renowned. Here are the few Nadella’s successful meeting secrets.


Listen more:-

The ability to listen getting slow down by many distractions, especially with so many distractions from technology. Much too often those leading meetings are not listening actively many times due to a lack of preparation or focus. The joy of the chairman or moderator is to guide a meeting to its most productive outcome and he or she can’t do that without listening carefully to everyone involved.  Often times, when we are across the table with a prospect client, we tend to divulge as much as we could about us. Our company, our product, service and even the weather and we fail to listen and understand the customer’s actual needs and wants. Before you draw your sale pitch gun, try to listen more instead. Like what Steven Covey said in his best seller book, 7habits of highly effective people the habit number 5 encourages us to seek first to understand than to be understood.

Talk Less:-

Talking less should obviously lead to greater opportunities for listening, but there’s more to it than that. As the leader of a meeting,

Learning to bite your tongue accomplishes the following.

  • Other have greater chances to speak their minds
  • You can balance rational thought with emotional outbursts
  • You can form better questions to keep the discussion focused
  • You have time to think
  • No one ever learned anything while speaking.

Be decisive:-

Be decisive in meeting listening is a great skill to get a decision.  Make a habit of listening more in meeting and other times also to take best decisions. And remember. If no one is assigned ownership of a task, it’s not going to get done. Accomplishing the first two steps will better equip you to carry out this final step. Don’t worry about making a bad decision even the best is the quality of those at a times. By maintaining a bias for action, you can learn from mistakes and keep things moving.


With major strategic changes including the recent acquisition of LinkedIn Nadella seems to really be shaking things up at Microsoft and infusing some much-needed inspiration to a company that had lost its reputation as an innovator. Take this advice to heart and increase the value of your meetings, and you’ll keep your business moving in the right direction.


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