7 Practical Methods to Double Your AdSense Income With Ease

Now a days every Website owner or Blogger is using Google Adsense for earning income on their website or Blog. It is top player for using pay per click (PPC) in advertising network.

In order to earn from Google Adsense we has to put  ad code on our website so that it will show relevant ads on our website and when some one clicks the ad, we can earn the money starting from 0.01$ to 10$ max per click. Earning per click depends on the keyword used and the location of the ad showing (country) and popularity of the website and quality of the content.

Most of the bloggers or website owners earn little amount of money from it as they don’t follow certain rules, so little amount of revenue is generated from those ads. Website gets many ad clicks but their earning per click is very low or website gets very few clicks. There can be different reasons why earning is low. May be website niche is not competitive and have fewer advertisers. If website niche has less advertisers and because of this reason you can’t change niche of your website. It is better try to increase ads earning buy changing AdSense settings not the entire website niche. In order to raise income from those ads certain measures are to be taken by the blogger or website owners.

1.Ad Units under Post Title

we add Ad unit under titles it will increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) gradually it will increase the earnings. Placing ads under the post title increases number of clicks as it is next to the title.

2.Place ads in the post

Place ads under the heading in the post that makes visitor attractive and may click on the ads. We can place ads under the proper keywords this may increase the CTC. Placement makes ads look instantly at the first sight based on the selection of the place for ads display. So using unique headings make article attractive that makes one look over the ad below heading.

3.Blend ads with the post

Place text ads that blend with the post. This is the best thing to increase clicks for the ads. You just needed to place the ad in the post which looks like an internal link. Try to change the color of the ad to different color which makes it look like an internal link. This increase the earning as visitors clicks those ads thinking it as an internal link. Be sure to blend your ad units with the post. You can use this trick with all other text ad units

4.Responsive Ads

Use responsive ads to generate more clicks. As we know responsive ads display ads on all the networks. Responsive ads are compatible with mobile, desktop, tablets, and all operating systems. This makes ads display every network so that more number of clicks are generated that leads to income growth. Presently most of the traffic comes from the smart phones as 9 out of 10 members use smart phones for searching information or any other thing rather than sitting before a desktop. In order to gain that traffic we need to use responsive ads which increases almost upto 40-50% traffic to the website, more traffic leads automatically to more revenue.

5.Analyze and Monetize old posts

Most probably no one will look over the old posts and we don’t monetize those posts. If we monetize those posts and place ads in them it may generate income more or less. Just we need to analyze the top posts with high traffic and select top most posts from them and do the same steps said above.

To monetize old posts we need to do the following things

  • Go to Google Analytics >Behaviour>overview.
  • Make a list of top 5 posts which got the highest number of hits in a particular month( you can even select a longer time period ) .
  • Use all the steps explained in order to get good revenue.

6.Ads Under the menu

Place ads under the menu which makes visitor to get confused to choose which is ad and which is content. Sometimes this makes them to click the ads that leads to increase in number of clicks. For increasing clicks we need to place relevant ads under the menu.

7.Enable Placement Targeting

An advertiser will pay more for quality placement. It’s why you like to keep your premium inventory close to the chest. Google wants to make it easier for advertisers to target specific areas of your website like the sports or the fashion section or specific formats (like video ads only). You can do this by grouping ads into custom channels  you can have up to 500 of them. You can even let advertisers target up to 500 specific URLs, giving them easier access to relevant content for their ads.


Adsense optimization is combination of creativity and strategies and diversifying them for earning revenues and increase traffic. Based on that it  will decide how much will you earn. CPC is just a thing in that strategy. We can increase traffic and revenue by using high quality content and the above explained strategies effectively we can maintain a good relationship with it for earning and increasing our revenue.

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