Best Women Safety Apps for Android and IPhone

Best Women Safety Android and IPhone Apps

Today, we are going to discuss on Best Women Safety Android and IPhone Apps, which can help women’s to reduce their chances of becoming victims from violent crimes such as robbery, rape, domestic violence, sexual assault etc. With these best android and iPhone apps, you can inform or ask for helps from your friends, relatives and neighbors whenever you are in trouble. These women safety android and iPhone apps are available in free and premium versions.

All women’s who are using either android or I phone’s need to install these best safety apps to their smartphones or mobile to get helps and alerts during their emergency times. These women safety apps can help you by sending Facebook notifications, SMS alerts, and call friends while travelling alone at night.

Circle of 6


Circle of 6 is the most useful apps for women’s and school or college students. This women safety app is available for android and iPhone. It’s the mobile app by which you can send one out of three predetermined text message to your 6 contacts. The message which has been sent through this women safety app includes one contact details and help for making calls. It’s the mobile app for girls and ladies which has preprogramed national hot line numbers and local numbers which can be customized for your emergency help. This smart android and iPhone app sends your address and map location to the persons from whom you need help.



Gaurdly is the best women safety smartphone app available for android, blackberry and iOS mobiles. This women safety app allow you to make calls and send text messages to your listed contacts whom you think, they will respond immediately. It’s the mobile app which makes emergency calls or send messages including name, location and type of emergency. This is the feature of Gaurdly which makes it different from other women safety android and iPhone apps.

Life 360 Family Locator


It’s one of the best women safety apps among available apps because it uses GPS tracking technology. By pressing a single button, women’s can send SOS messages in the form of emails, phone calls, SMS to their beloved ones, when women’s are in troubles. It’s the safety app using which you can track down your family members using GPS, Triangulation and Wi-Fi technologies.



This women safety app is available on android. IPhone and Blackberry. This women safety mobile app having safety alarm which sends emergency messages to your selected contact numbers by pushing a single button. Your contact list members will receive SOS text message and one of your selected member will receive a phone call. All receivers will get emergency text message including the link of your current map location. Under premium version of bSafe women safety app, you will get two level security feature. One safety mode will risk mode and other safety feature will be timer mode.



Hollaback women safety app is available on android and iPhone smartphones. Its slogan is “women’s having power to end street harassment”. It allows women’s to take and upload images of harasser with their mapped location on “”. In such case, it will not only make all women’s alert but they will able to identify the location of crime. It also enable women’s to share their stories on harassment prevention website and brings changes in areas where harassment occurs.



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