Better is best , worst is an experience !!

EVERYTHING is always for the best!! Every single thing happening is designed and meant to be for something wonderful and admirable. All we need is to just have some patience and think long term. The seed of this concept somehow at some time got developed in my mind unintentionally after daily dose of bitter and irritating lecture on this topic from my dad and then i fertilized it myself with my own experiences. Lecture used to be on each and every little things used to happen at home. It would look like he was just making mountain out of molehills. I didn’t even realise when this shit got interesting. His childhood stories, his ordeal, his  endurance , his experiences, sometimes his friend’s incident too, all of them were like just forcing me to believe in that law. When hundreds of hands point towards one direction , you tend to turn towards the same. Then just for experiment I myself started applying same methodology in every tiny thing that would occur to me. Even when I reached school  late and  knew so well that principal would get mad at me and might even call my dad…I would think what else good happened because of this like might a girl of my class I kind of had a crush on came late with me standing by my side or I didn’t have to attend morning assembly.

Wow…seriously it felt good. I could be ecstatic in every single situation I faced, no matter how horrible it was. I was even once caught for planting a Diwali bomb in school washroom when I didn’t do anything , but I was happy reason being , I got to perceive fear of  being restricated or even ‘a marred career’  which surely was a mission impossible for me as I was a very sincere( Thank god principal didn’t know that 😛 )  student . As a result, for me now sadness or regret were just omitted words my dictionary.  And since then I am no more dejected for any damn thing that has happened or will happen ,because the miracle statement goes like this ‘ whatever has happened is for something best and so does whatever is going to happen’. So now it’s not my burden to be worried about it ,right? All i have to do is just wait and somehow find a better thing happened because of anything bad that couldn’t have been possible without that bad part and I am confident I’ll definitely find at least one. Now some would say so there is no need of any effort for anything…whatever good happens , great or if something unexpected happens.. we’ll find some ‘excuses’. Literally speaking , yeah exactly that’s the key point .A lynchpin of satisfied and cheerful long life. Let it be .Let the time pass. You will automatically be pushed towards your goal, automatically you’ll get threshold and enthusiasm to do that , if that goal is to be reached by you (that means any other better goal couldn’t have been possible for you). But just don’t miss the call, call from the nature, call when you get the ideas to get through your target. If you pick that call, move a few steps forward, and follow your instincts ,no one can stop you. If something does stop you at all , take a long breath , wait and try to figure out a better thing happened because of that that couldn’t have been possible without it ( may take some time but have patience, there is got to be something) . And if nothing, remember there will always be an Experience  !!

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