Can Men and Women Be Friends at Work?

Can Men and Women Be Friends at Work?

We are leaving generation where gay marriage is legal. But the still society not ready to accept the platonic male and female friendship, especially in the workplace.

If the men and women spend time together for some office meetings or some other work in the workplace people began to talk, and rumors spread on them. Sometimes the person you most relate may be of an opposite sex, you cannot avoid it need to move on with it.

They are five challenges that arise of men and women being friends at workplace are


Defining the relationship: friends or lovers?

If a relationship between the men and women the society in which we are leaving always think that they are lovers then the challenge arises defining whether they are friends or lovers.


Overcoming attraction: let’s talk about sex

In reality, sexual attraction will suddenly enter into the equation of the cross-sex relationship uninvited which is always hidden in the background. Simple and platonic hug instance can take a different meaning. It may be welcomed or not but the attractions difficult to be ignored. Men and women in the relationship often get in insecure sexual feeling between them. Primarily the women subconsciously cannot get close keeping in the view of their sexual activity that could arise.


Establishing equality: power play

Friendship is generally pairing of the equals. But the man in a culture has more equal than women. Male dominance, prestige, and power baggage with the men all these push women subconsciously in a submissive role in the cross-sex friendship. Although changes are happening in the society of bringing the genders equally it is with the slow pace.


Public eye: Dealing with the doubters

Society entirely may not be ready to accept the relationship of the men and women without any sexual subtext. People with of close friends with opposite sex are often barraged with the question, are you really friends? Persons who grew up too often were limiting themselves until the marriage. Though the relationship might of the friendship the public will generally move into the thought of others these results into rumors brooding over them. As a result men and women cannot be in a relationship with each other as the previously being keeping the rumors in the mind. Moreover, the society we bought up is generally looking the men and women differently and they could be in relation only of lovers not as friends so the society look doubt the relationship of the men and women


The meeting place: finding friends

As the workplace and other social areas are open for the women there is more opportunity for the men and women to mingle each other.But surprisingly we find that men and women less opportunity to interact with each other. Boys and girls are learning the ways to relating each other. When they get together, inspired by the public they see each other as the dating partners because the public they know who are dating they know them as friends. These results volunteer gender segregation this continues when they reach the adulthood.

The obstacles may be numerous and formidable but in the fast growing society the friendship between the men and women not only a possibility but a necessity.If the men and women work, play and coexist in the modern society why don’t they agree with the relationship of friendship? Researchers say that men and women and women in the modern society should teach who to communicate with each other or else left in this fast growing society may be miserable.

Adults in the society teach the children the these truths

  1. Friendship is not an equal opportunity
  2. Though men benefit from the cross-sex relationship women to are benefited
  3. Cross-sex is emotionally rewarding.
  4. It is not all about sex
  5. Men and women friendships are political


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