Click through rating the Landing Pages by the Hotspots

Click through rating the Landing Pages by the Hotspots

Firstly what is a landing page?

The web page which is serving as an entry page of a website or we can also say that the certain section of a website.


We all know what is mean by a hot spot,  it is nothing but a wireless connection of an internet we can say it as Wi-Fi internet access and also where people are connected in an area with an internet access.

Landing pages, these are not surprising tasks or amazing. But we can say these landing pages are like a game changer, by doing landing pages these are helpful in changing the concentration of a person. These are also can be said as a game maker and also as a breaker. These landing pages will be as good interesting but not spurring because they can make us a thing about the web page of a particular section.

We must not make the landing pages as ugly or no attracting we have to make the landing pages as looking beautiful on a particular section of a page or whenever a person is opening the page or a website after opening website person should be attracted to one topic or on a particular section of that web page. By this, the section which contains landing page will look beautiful to traffic or users.

How to create our landing page promoting and standing out from others? It is simple, we have to find what the real visitors concentrate on the web page and for what they give more attention to look at when they are on the web page of a site. But most of them may or may not be known of them these places are nothing but hotspots which can drive the visitors to most clicks or conversations. There are some types of hotspots which can increase the visitors clicking rate or viewing rate. They are as follows:

  1. HQ image:

HQ images nothing but an image containing the high-quality image and also it is common for all the website owners. The image should have a large and with a good quality of an image for their particular items or products on the landing page so that it can increase the landing page conversion rate of that particular website. This is not only the end even if we do so we may encounter that our conversion rate is low as same as before. There is a call to action locking button ordinary, the awesome image can overpower our on impacting the call of action and also sometimes it can be ignored.  When it is ignoring we have to make some changes in ‘call to action’ text or do changes in placements. These all things can be done by making the mistakes.

  1. Bullet points:

The marketers are aware of that people will read in F-pattern while surfing the internet. Most of the people show interest reading online rather skipping it. People or traffic or users or visitors all will go to scan the whole page and scroll down for details vastly in order to get an idea of it. So thereby it is quite understandable that landing page is not easy to make. We must write the content as we say it as boring matter when any visitor or any other going to through the page they should feel like interesting.

So in order to look good page layout using of bullet points, by doing this most of them will give attention to bullet points so that they will read the points clearly as the points are important to keep in mind. Another thing is we should not re-write the content or matter. By using more bullet points it can understand them that it might be important. If we are using numbers it’s better number up to 4 or maximum 5 and it’s better to use the bullet points.

  1. White space:

Whenever we are to keep the white spaces of landing pages it might be boring. Bu actually having white spaces can help in proving counterproductive. These white spaces are also can be as design, ease the eyes of a visitors and it can make them concentrate on the matter. Why white space is required means, many people will read the matter or content what we have written on the landing page. If we want to add some more information or important information to say for the reader it might be useful so that we can text it there in white spaces or background.

  1. Gazing eye:

What is it an gazing eye means nothing but staring at something or looking steadily. Why we are having eye gaze or gazing eye as a part of hotspot? In landing pages we may or may not have images if the images are having human faces on the landing pages, we must not let the person in the image stare directly at the visitors there is no use in doing this. Instead of that, we have made the content good looking and subject looking good to the visitors is important. Visitors will see the higher rate of conversation so that we should make our content writing accurate and good looking.

  1. Action button:

This action button is most important hotspot it is nothing but the call to action, which can draw more clicks in some circumstances. By having a call to action button we can make our visitors of a landing page as customers, and also by clicking on them. By doing this we can also reduce the distractions by the way. Mainly we have to confirm that for every landing page there should be only one call to action button. Why because means if there is a call to action more than one then there will be having a lot of confusion and also will cause the widespread distraction in conversation path, we must not make happen this.

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