Do Classified Ads Help With SEO? 5 Benefits of Using Them

Do Classified Ads Help With SEO? 5 Benefits of Using Them

Classified SEO ads really useful for blogs, startups, small businesses, individuals and companies that are trying to build their exposure and increase their revenue online.

What Is Classified Advertising?

In simple terms, the ads that you see on newspapers which can also be found on online magazines, news portals etc. classified ads can help you boost your products or blog’s exposure at a cheaper cost, they usually cost you really cheaper when compared to other marketing strategies.

So basically classified SEO ads are usually free to use and used to increase your products or blog’s exposure.

How classified ads are helpful?

The majority of the marketers and SEO enthusiasts use classified ads for traffic optimization. Yet, you must remember that using free classifieds for SEO has to be done carefully.

It is a revolving door when it comes to website traffic. You must promote yourself aggressively if you wish to see any sales and subsequent profits. Paid classifieds do bring traffic but what if your funds have dried up and you cannot pay for your advertising?

Free classified ads are a very important tool in the online marketing business. They do not cost anything and can start providing results from the very moment that they get posted online.

A classified ad has three parts:

  • Headline: The art of crafting an effective free classified ad involves the creation of a cleverly crafted; effective Headline. An attractive headline makes expert use of keywords that generate interest and bring in the much-desired readers and buyers.
  • Details: It then goes on to provide details of the product or services and tries to meet the customer’s needs as honestly as it can. Most free classifieds use attractive offers to rope in the customer – e.g. ‘Limited Offer’; ‘Special Discount for the first five’ or ‘Limited Stock’ etc.
  • Contact details: The finishing touch is given by the closing which must lead the buyer to the ‘Contact now’ or ‘Buy now’ button.

How Classified Ads Help With SEO

Classified ads are usually used to generate leads and increase click through rates. They are an excellent method of getting relevant backlinks to your blog or website. Some websites allow you to post the content with backlinks and such classified ads can immediately generate sales inquiry within hours of being posted.

This is why using free classified ads to promote and market your online business is one of the most popular and effective SEO strategies, employed by most online marketers.

Marketing your product and services through free online business ads is a very proficient way of reaching out to your select set of potential customers. The thing to keep in mind is to write relevant content that enables the search engines to understand clearly what your website is all about, because, that will allow them to rank you properly. This, in turn, can give you better chances of being listed in the top few, when it comes to Search Engines.

Classified ads are filled with SEO potential as they use very specific strategies. If you are using paid or free classified ads on your website then your ad and content get automatically indexed on search engines.

5 Benefits Of Classified SEO Ads
  1. Classified SEO ads are easy to use: Whether you know it or not, classified SEO ads are usually both mobile and search friendly. They are easier to navigate and gives your users what they want. They are so concise and yet give your audience what they expect. This is what makes classified ads usage effortless.
  2. They open up a global market for your products: Do you have any products or services to sell from your websites? Don’t know how to get more exposure for your products? Do you want to increase your product sales? Then, classified advertising is the way to go. It can create a global market for your business and there’s usually a HUGE potential online to increase your product sales.
  3. Most classified SEO ads are free: There are a lot of websites out there which help you post classified ads for FREE. Sites like OLX,, Mad Monster etc can help you easily post free classified SEO ads to boost your products visibility. You don’t have to invest even a penny on advertising so when you get everything for almost free, why not make the most out of them?
  4. Create ads within minutes not weeks: If you observe it closely, most offline newspaper classified ads take a lot of time to get published. For instance, you have to speak to the newspaper ad agencies to get your ad posted and you also need to give all the details. All these processes usually take a lot of time and moreover, these offline classified ads don’t last long unlike online classified SEO ads. Which is also easier to create and take a few minutes of your time not weeks unlike offline.
  5. SEO for classified websites can increase your traffic: If you have a product-based selling a website, you can immensely increase your traffic by posting your blog’s or website address in the form of classified SEO ads. Or you can simply put a link back to your sites, so if someone gets curious about your products or services while browsing online classified ads can land on your sites.

So that’s it! Those are the top 5 benefits of classified SEO ads.

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