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Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla

Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla which is based on Linux and a powerful Firefox Gecko rendering engine. Firefox OS is the newest open source mobile operating system which provides the powers to developers for creating excellent products. The main aim of this mobile operating system is to develop smartphones which can meet the requirements of end users.

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In Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system, the entire interface for user is like web app which is capable of launching and displaying other web applications. Whatever modification you made to the interface of user and whichever application, you run on Firefox mobile OS are all web apps which were created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


Firefox OS, the new mobile operating system developed by Mozilla to cross all limitations and boundaries to present something new for smartphones with the power of web. This new mobile operating system will allow users to experience new segments with their Mozilla based smartphones. With some special JavaScript API’s the Firefox OS can access hardware capabilities and provide their users to experience something elegant through their smartphones.


Firefox OS user interface is inspired by Android, thus under mobile operating system, it has Home Screen, Lock Screen and Notification Bar. Firefox OS user interface is much better than iPhone or Windows smartphones. Till now, it doesn’t support widgets and this mobile operating system shows background image with date and time at its Home Screen. Just the right side of Home Screen, it shows the installed apps. If you slide to the left side of home screen, you will see the list of installed apps and suggested apps which you can install.


As Firefox OS mobile operating system is powered by Gecko engine, which means it run the websites in the form of web apps and these apps are developed using HTML. Under Firefox OS, these web apps will be in two forms: packaged apps and hosted apps. Packaged apps will be loaded from local source, so that you can access them any time because of cache features under HTML5 language and local storage facility. Hosted apps will be hosted from Mozilla’s server. Hosted apps will be downloaded and loaded each time you access them. These web apps are similar to web pages and to use these apps, you should have an internet connection.


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There’s a lot more exciting features provided by Firefox OS based mobile operating system. By long pressing its home screen, you will get the list of opened apps. If you press its power button, you will get power off menu. By pressing combination of power keys and home screen, you can take screenshot. As Firefox OS uses web standards to build their apps using HTML5, CSS3, so it’s a different mobile operating system. Each and every apps provided by Firefox OS is a web app which means, all apps are in the form of website right from its camera, dialer, Facebook etc.


Mozilla is working on its security section for its new mobile operating system. Its many security features are similar to Google Android. Some of the excellent features of Firefox OS mobile operating system are: Do not track, lock screen, passcode lock, your SIM can be locked with a PIN number. Confirmation of permission while installing apps. Firefox OS mobile operating system, sets itself low risk permission and to set high risk permission, it makes your confirmation first.


Firefox OS mobile operating system having permission manager which allows users to manually set permission to run apps. Through this permission manager, you can allow or block any apps which you want. Currently under Firefox OS mobile operating system, Mozilla is trying to bring device encryption in coming future.


As per Mozilla Firefox, in coming day’s web will provide various opportunities for developers to reach out their new customers with superb products. For web developers, the most important section to understand is the entire working system is based on web technologies. Whatever you do on Firefox based mobile operating system, such as running an app, installing new app will involve the use of standard web technologies.

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