Guidelines and Tips for Successful Interview


Interview is not to get a job. Interview means to show your skills, knowledge and experience regarding your field or domain to the unknown person.

Interview is a best place or chance to expose about you to unknown person then you are popular or familiar to some people. Most of the people fear about interview in initial time.

The following are the suggestions or tips or tricks!  what you feel is not necessary but These are help you to crack the your job interview.




Before Interview

Research about Company

Whenever you will get a call, mail or message from a company regarding job interview then you first know about what is that company, history of the company, key factors to the company, Vision and Mission about the company. Because Mos of the interviewers ask about their company.


Prepare or Update Resume

The resume is the best one to expose you to the interviewer. You prepare your resume with in 2 or 3 page. Because it is not a journey of your life. It is just describes minimal part in your life. Maintain 3 or 4 copies of your resumes in your file. Before these you need to read words in your resume  like as skills,achievements, academic qualifications etc. Because you don’t know what you mention in your resume then how to know about the job.


Select Well Clothes

You will go to the interview not to the party or occasion. Whereas you wear formal clothes not try to wear jeans. Some times our dress sense also impress the interviewer. Another thing you must wear  ironed clothes.

During Interview

Don’t extend about You

Almost all interviewers ask the first question in interview is “ Tell me about yourself”. In this, you don’t need to say your full life before interview. Just say about Your name, Where are you from, Your past academic qualification details, Your skills, Your achievements, Your hobbies  and Your goals. You can say more things when the interviewer ask about those things.


Maintain Gestures and Postures

The gestures and postures are are express your activeness in anywhere. The eye contact is also one of them. If you are in panel interview then you need to see all people and most of time spend on who are ask a question to you. You need to use hand moments during explain about something.


Prevent Your Secret Habits

During Interview, some people are doing knuckling their fingers, take boogers from nose and shake their legs continuously. These things are irritate the interviewer. Then the interviewer not interest to take you to their organization. Because he / she  thinks about you how he / she can mingle with others diplomatically.


Don’t Ask Salary

You never don’t ask about the salary to the interviewer when they don’t ask about that. If interviewer force you then say as “ how much of salary you give who are equal to my position”. Instead salary when  they give a chance to ask something then you ask about role and responsibilities, working hours and days, about your growth etc.


Ask Some Essential Things

You are selected during the interview then you need to ask the few things . Those are ask about the Offer or Joining letter, entry date i.e. when will you join, which documents are required,  What is the probation period and what is the duration of training.


After Interview

Send Your Reply

Some interviewers ask you as to send your opinion through mail. At that time, you don’ t forget about this. You need to send a mail regarding your opinion about job.


Send Thank You Note

If the interview is completed then you need to send reply to company. Because you send reply then they feel he /she has common Etiquette or he/ she has interest to join our organization.


“ Interview is a best chance to expose yourself to a unknown person “.  Be Positive and Be Confident.





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