How to Add SEO optimized media to website?


The main goal for any SEO is optimization with rich media, related images and content with keywords on the site. So that search engine crawlers find your site and visit your pages and rank them based on the page relevance so that it appears on the top of the page in Google search. Top rank or top position on the page indicates a good optimized site. The optimization process is not a single day process it has to be continuously monitored, it has to be tested regularly and edit the content and images regularly, so that if one visit the site he has to spend some time on the site.

As all we know media attracts more than the content and it can easily understandable by seeing at once, so media optimization is very important in the case of SEO for any website.

Image Optimization:

Image Relevance

Images that we use on our WordPress site should be related to the content what we are posting on the site. The related images can make visitors look at the content and run more time on the website. Using relevance images can decrease the bounce rate of the site. These images does not cause any effect to the Search Engine.

Image Name

Page rank of the website depends on the keywords mostly. If we use images on the website change the name of the image with keywords so that one easily find them on the search engine. As search engine considers the image URL’s also for ranking. So we has to name the images properly which are understandable without gibberish language.

Based on the content you are writing, try to name the image related to the content. If you are writing an article on “Top Ten Mobiles in India” then name the image as “Top Ten Mobiles In India.jpg”

Alt Tag

Alt Tag helps in targeting relevance keywords for the images. In SEO if the image name was not much optimized, during that time Alt Tag helps in displaying the images based on the relevance keywords as we give for the images. Mostly search engines are based on text so Search engines take alternate tag (alt tag) as relevance keywords.

Size and Quality of the Image:

According to the latest updates the page ranks also depends on the loading time of the website. if the image size is higher then it takes time for loading. So select small size images. The quality of the image should be good. If we use low quality images visitors may not get attracted and they may skip to other websites.

Image Linking and Title Tag

Using images on website is an eye caching, so these images are perfect for linking. Good image linking helps in good ranking of the page. Images are to be linked with relevant Anchor Text so that it helps in getting a link from the guest posting.

Images are to be linked with proper Title tags, these titles are to be taken from the keywords and SEO description from the site so that it helps in building page rank.

Watermark Images

Watermarking the images that we use helps in identifying the blog or website. It works like a brand promotion for our website. When someone search for images, it will help in identifying the website and make them visit to the site.

Number of Images

Using more images may lead to slow loading of the website. Try to use optimal number of images which are exactly related to the content. As slow loading leads to low page rank. Use cache plugin on your WordPress site to reduce the server load.

Video Optimization:

In SEO media Optimization videos play a major rule in presenting the content in the form of video. This helps visitors in understanding the content easily. This contributes to the SEO strategy. Using appropriate videos to the content may contribute to good impact on website. Videos directly convey the message to the visitors. We can upload videos on Youtube and use the embed code on our website for saving space and fast loading.

Videos that we use on our website must be high quality with clear audio and should directly convey the message from the beginning. If not visitor may not see the whole video. This may helps in increasing the Average session time. If we use videos on our website it is better to submit to XML sitemap, so that Search Engines easily find your videos and display to the users.

The images and Videos that are used should be unique so that the users can easily identify and get to the content. Good Images and videos help in better page rank in search engine. These images and videos should be with direct message and should be  low size because the loading time also leads to the downfall of page rank.

Whatever we post at the end of the day the Quality and Relevance are the factors that matters for SEO Optimization of your website. Images and videos should not copied from other site it may have copyrighted that leads to a negative website of the content.

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