How To Enable HTTPS On Your Blogspot Blog ?

HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol secure) has become a standard protocol for all websites and blogs. HTTPS provides security of data as it encrypts the data transferred between users & a website. Especially it protects the users from common hacking practices such as data sniffing & man-in-the-middle-attack.

In HTTP protocol when a user submits the data either by comments or forms the entire data is converted into the text from this data an attacker with data sniffing tools can acquire users data like username and password of that particular website hence HTTP protocol is not that safe from such attacks.

But in HTTPS the data user sends is encrypted and hence is highly secure over such threats. This is the main reason that all e-commerce, banking and all commercial websites use this protocol. Also, google had made HTTPS protocol an important factor for its search engine results, websites with HTTPS have a better chance in occupying a better position in search engine results when compared to websites with HTTP protocol.

So the good news is google is letting blogger blogs updated to HTTPS freely without any charge. So let’s see how to use this opportunity and transform your blog’s security to a whole new level.

Login to your BlogSpot dashboard with your account

Click on the drop down & go to your blog setting

Go to Settings > Basics & look for HTTPS Settings option

From the HTTPS availability dropdown, select yes & save the option.

Enable HTTPS BlogSpot blog

That’s it, your blogs HTTPS enabled successfully.

Your blog will become accessible over both HTTP and HTTPS connections. But you might face some errors from images and links from unsecured websites due to mixed content but nonetheless, those errors can be cleared in short time.
Unfortunately, blogs with custom domain names didn’t get the free HTTPS connection, but you can acquire HTTPS paid connection services from various other sources.

Once your blog is HTTPS protocol enabled, it can’t be brought back to HTTP protocol, this is because the user’s data will be at threat after such change.

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