How To Improve Your Typing Speed and Accuracy

How to Improve Your Typing Speed and Accuracy

One of the most important thing for a blogger or for the person who is applying for the job as a content writer is typing speed and accuracy. These two things are the most important to them for effective working.

it is one of the most fundamental skill required in any field you wish to pursue. Be it in writing Emails, writing a blog post, or writing copy, typing is one of the most important skills. As a blogger, typing faster and better will save you a tremendous amount of time spent proofreading your article for typo mistakes and crafting the article itself.

Faster typing is not always better as the accuracy gets compromised. Aiming for faster and accurate is essential for everyone. Completing assignment like writing article, blogging, email quickly can save you some time for looking into other tasks.

Typing Speed and Accuracy

1.Change The Way You Type

The most important thing for improving typing speed and accuracy is the way you work.  To begin with, proper posture is the first step in preparing yourself for success. Without working on a proper positioning and typing habit, one cannot achieve high typing speeds while maintaining acceptable accuracy levels.

Before start typing make sure that you are sitting upright and with your back not leaning forward towards your desk. A proper upright position helps increase concentration levels and will give you the needed focus boost to type efficiently. Secondly, the way you position your wrists and elbows also make a considerable difference in typing faster and accurately. Make sure that your elbows are always positioned at right angles to the keyboard and that your arms are not bent upwards or downwards. This bending of your arms will make it harder on your forearms or wrists if not positioned properly. Apart from a proper posture of your body, proper positioning of your fingers is also essential. Below are a few methods to position your fingers for typing faster.

2.Know Your Keyboard

The Most important tip to improve typing speed is to feel for the “F” and the “J”. As most know, those are the letters you feel for first on the keyboard. As time goes by, and you learn how to type without looking, you will not even really have to “feel” for the “F” and the “J” you will just learn the keyboard.
It is also important to familiarize yourself with the keyboard you are using. This is essential as, if you can map the keyboard out in your mind, you won’t need to look away from the screen to locate the key you need. This would also minimize time spent between getting your many thoughts onto the screen before losing them.

Below are a few methods to position your fingers for typing faster:

  • The left-hand little finger being placed on the ‘A’ key and responsible for all the keys to the left of it including Left Shift, Caps Lock, Ctrl, etc.
  • The right-hand little finger key being placed on the Colon/Semi-colon button and being responsible for everything on the right of the key.
  • Position at least one of your thumb on the Spacebar key.
  • The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your left hand should be placed on the keys S, D, and F respectively.
  • The ring finger, middle finger and index finger of your right hand should be placed on the keys L, K, and J respectively.

The increase in the speed of typing, in the beginning, increases error mistakes often. So in order to type accurately slow down the speed of typing. Learn to be accurate first then improve speed. Because if you make mistakes all the time the longer it will take you to type. Every time you backspace takes longer than if you slow down just a bit so you can type accurately.


Practice is what makes you perfect. Regularly practice typing helps in improve in speed. One has to focus on the loopholes of their typing and start repetitive practice on those letters.

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

This sentence has every alphabet of the English language in it. This is the reason why most of the fonts display this sentence. This sentence helps in practice and also helps in improving accuracy with repetitive typing. Practice typing this sentence repetitively. In the beginning it is hard and you make mistakes but in the long run, you can improve your typing speed.

Practicing this sentence multiple numbers of times will help you understand the positioning of all the alphabets on the keyboard. This understanding will help you achieve better typing accuracy while you are working on the improving of your typing speed. Get well-versed in the positioning of all the keys on the keyboard by practicing this sentence often times.

5.Do Not Look Keyboard

You should start practice typing without looking keyboard. Our subconscious mind is so powerful that if you start typing without seeing the keyboard daily, you will develop the habit of typing faster.

Looking at the keyboard while typing reduces one’s typing speed and the written words are more prone to errors as you are not aware of what’s being typed into it. Although this means more errors initially, this technique itself will be the reason for your increased typing speeds.

Looking away from the keyboard and the screen during typing aides in real-time copy-editing, saving you a lot of time in the end. You easily get used to the layout of the keyboard and the positioning of the keys as you work your way without looking at the keyboard much often.

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