How To Know If Your Sent Mail Has Been Opened And Read?

How To Know If Your Sent Mail Has Been Opened And Read?

When you require sending some important information to a person or a client via email, all you could do is wait until the recipient reply that he has received the email and opened the mail that you have sent them. At the time urgency, these things could be a source of distress for you.

With the Microsoft Outlook, there is a receipt function that allows your email recipient to send a notification making you know that he has read the mail. But even for this, it requires some action from the recipient. If they choose to ignore it, you couldn’t know whether they have received and read it.

There are many solutions for this issue but most of them require sending an HTML type email where the script will be placed in the email itself. But know with the RightInbox, you ignore all that HTML email settings and still can be notified when a person open the mail and read it. RightInbox is a Chrome browser that will schedule the sending of an email and now with the new extra feature to track the email when your email is opened.

Tracking An Email Read Status:

It is very easy to start with just you need is to Chrome Browser and the RightInbox. Download and install it.

After the installation is done open the Gmail or if it is already opened refresh it, A notification will appear click ‘continue’ and then follow the instruction to allow it access your Gmail.

Now let’s start tracking your next email click on ‘Compose’ button in you Gmail. In composing area, you will see an additional ‘TRACK’ button will appear in line with the ‘Send Now’ button. To track this email just you need now simply check the ‘Track button’ before you click the ‘Send Now’.

That is all you required to do, a simple check will help you find when the email is opened. There is no script required and Right Inbox will track the email status even if your content is a plain text. Now when your recipient opens your  email you will be notified via email with more detail, includes IP and location


The email tracking by RightInbox made the tracking easier with the Chrome browser and no script to be included in your email content. The notification is sent to you via email or browser will pop up the notification so you can always able not know the status of your email even if you are away from the Chrome browser and computer

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