How to Travel the World in Affordable Style with Stayful

How to Travel the World in Affordable Style with Stayful

Stayful isn’t your typical travel and hotel companion. You don’t just type in which dates you want to go away and then scroll through a list of dozens if not hundreds of possible hotels.

With Stayful, you can browse boutique hotels with rooms available in over cities in the United States and Canada. You have to pick where you’re going, the style of the hotel, the price, and the date.

Stayful gives you a better experience that any other things in searching. You don’t even need to be traveling to enjoy Stayful. Just browse through the wonderful photos and you can come out with booking a single trip. Of course, it also gives 10% discounts than others platforms.

Booking steps for a trip

When you install the app it asks you a simple question like what is your travel plan? You have to answer that question rest of the things take cared by the app itself.

The response is organized like an ad-lib. To start, you have to give your response in a going to Canada city and I want to see all hotels from the data stayful provided.

Tap the city you want to book a trip. And also tap “ALL” to choose style a hotel. There’s everything from luxurious to hip to party and even kid-friendly, too. Each style comes with a brief description so you can hopefully get a better feel for what the results might look like.

After that, you can also choose price range low to high budget. You have to select one, two or all if you like it. You can also choose your travel dates. And get ready to find more things on the stayful.

After that stay will tell you when you want to book a trip according to your interest. Beside you can see the name of your various matching hotels, an image, and the “best online rate.”

From this information tap any hotel that you want to stay when you are in the trip it help you to find out the images of room amities and it displays location on the map. The small circular icons at the top of any hotel page also let you know quick bits of information about the features of the hotel like Wi-Fi, a fitness center, a bar, etc. The TripAdvisor rating is also there so you can check out popular opinion. You also search the reviews about that hotel who stay before you go.

When you’re interested in booking a hotel just click on the I’LL TAKE IT!  at bottom of your app. Then it gives total lay out everything you need to know about the price and booking details and prompt you to fill out your payment information. You can go to the securing your rooms in five minutes. It shows the information of your things like below.

Just click on the confirm books so that your booking a hotel in trips gets completed.


Overall stayful is a great platform to book your vacation and dream of future. You just fall in love with this app. And also easy to use compared with others booking platforms.

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