How to turn your TV into a smart TV

How to turn your TV into a smart TV?

Are you really fed up of watching the old TV? Do your homes consist of an old TV and you want to convert it into an amazing and smart TV. In order to turn your TV into a smart TV will require a TV and a supplementary Computer. Smart TV is the technology that is having in-built access of the internet. The connection of the internet provides the facility to the TV to effort with a wide level of online services such as on-demand videos, audios, social media and many others. You need not have to purchase a new TV, Just keep in mind the below steps and make your old TV a smart one.

You need to follow the various steps for turning the TV into a smart TV such as:

  • Compact Media Player:


If you have a tight budget and you are searching for the portable Media Player. Such type of media players looks like a USB pen drive and is having the potentiality of streaming the content, images, music, videos from any devices including smart phones and PC to the TV screen. Nowadays, the markets are full of branded items in terms relating to the technology and many other accessories. The online availability of the Google’s Chrome cast is very easy to utilize by simply plugging into the television. At present, the Roku player is regarded as one of the latest and the leading streaming players, consisting of large amount of database including programs, channels and many others.


  • Make a decision whether to make a connection with an HDMI cable or any audio cables:



Most of the latest Television comes with the facility of HDMI ports which is considered as the easiest method to make a connection. But, if a person is having an old TV without the facility of HDMI ports in it, then make a selection of the VGI ports and an audio port. The absence of the HDMI port requires the availability of both the VGI ports and an audio port for making conversion of the TV into an intelligent TV.


  • Laptop: The most desirable and easily available method is inlaptop

making a computer connection or a Laptop. The computers having the internet access provide the option of accessing the large amount of content, so the technique of connecting the TV with the Laptops provides the widest selection of media. The best method of linking a TV with the computer is through the HDMI Connection and through the combination of the VGA and audio cable.

  • Apple TV:


The network media player which provides the services of streaming videos, audios, images and many others features from the IOS devices. All the functions are performed wirelessly and before starting it, there is a need of certain Apps such as Plex, PlayTo and many others. Such type of devices does not contain any USB Port like the Google’s Chrome cast.

  • Games Consoles:


The technology of the Games Consoles makes the revolution of the media streaming more popular. Online streaming of the programs can be made directly to the TV with the help of the Xbox 360 and PS3. The functionality of the Consoles is similar like the streaming players.


  • Purchase an actual Smart TV:


The simplest and the best solution for having the intelligence features in your TV are to buy the Smart TV which offers you a great feature of the latest technology.


  • Dongle:


Make use of the cheap box or the Dongle for making a connection to the TV. This is really a good choice that provides a complete solution of various problems of an old TV.


  • Tablets:


The Tablet devices are available at the affordable rates, you can buy the device. The power consumption is really low and most of the people prefer to use it for connecting to the TV. So, look for the option of tablets and watch all the smart features on your existing TV only.

  • Amkette EvoTV:


The series of Amkette EvoTV are available in four versions ranging at various price levels and provides a complete access in the Google Play store to the various apps.


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