How to Unblock Facebook Account that Is Blocked Or Disabled

Facebook has emerged as a social media and slowly embedded itself in our daily lives, the global average of daily time spent on Facebook has exceeded 20 minutes now. At this point, it’s safe to say that people need Facebook daily for various reasons of their own.

But as there was a substantial increase in Facebook users, there was also an increase in suspicious and antisocial activities, to end such activities Facebook has strict rules and sometimes we all unintentionally cross those rules and get blocked.
These are some methods to unblock your blocked or disabled account.

1.Get Help From Friends:

Open the browser and try logging in FB, you will get a notification saying your account is blocked and in the same window you will see “get help from friends” button, click on it which will open a pop-up window containing the list of all your contacts, now carefully select the trusted contacts who are directly in contact with you and click continue.
Facebook will send a security code to the contact so request the contact code from your friends and after collecting all those codes you can unblock your account.

2. Submit an Appeal:

You will see submit an appeal option when you try to login in your blocked account, as facebook changes its menu over time to have a rich user interface you might not find it sometimes but don’t worry you can find it in top 5 results of a search engine if you search for facebook submit an appeal.
Submit an appeal was intended as a direct user option, so submitting an appeal from others accounts wouldn’t be helpful at all. Carefully fill up the form with relevant details and for this form, you need to attach the photos of any valid ID proof, after filling those details click on send and wait for the reply or the action.

3. Facebook Help Centre:

 If none of the above two methods help in unblocking your blocked FB account, you can ask help from facebook community in facebook help center, in here you can ask questions and get them answered just like forum communities. Or else you can check previously answered questions in forums.

Unlike these scenarios, Facebook usually blocks people temporarily based as a disciplinary message of their suspicious or other websites promoting activities, in such cases you are left with no options but to just wait until the block time is over.

And if you want to recover your deleted account I’m afraid it is not possible, once the account is deleted all the data of that account will be deleted and unrecoverable. This is one of a major feature that makes Facebook most secure.

If you consider getting blocked and unblocking as a painful and time taking process you should check the Facebook terms and use FB as it is intended by its makers.
If you are feeling that you are blocked without any proper reason or explanation or by mistake you can give your feedback to FB, this option can be seen right after when you recover your Facebook account.

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