Instagram Is Crucial to Your Business. Learn Why!


Let talk about Instagram, The advent of social media networks has changed the way businesses market their products and services. Businesses are now able to reach a lot of people without shelling out a ginormous amount of money. Using or not using any social media platform can be a big deal breaker for business people. There are a lot of social media platforms at present and among them is Instagram. This is one of the most popular platforms out there with over 500 million active users. Instagram caters to around 95 million image and video posts daily.  With all these stats, businesses can take advantage of using Instagram services.

Learn Why Instagram is very much crucial for your Business ?

  • Instagram, the modern Agora:

The Agora was a gathering spot in ancient Greece. At present, you can say that Instagram is the Agora for people who want to see great pictures and videos taken by individuals. If your business does not have a presence in this “gathering place” then you are missing the perfect opportunity to get noticed by over 500 million people using Instagram.

The amount of user also determines the usage of the network. In recent years it has been estimated that 70 percent of the Instagram users check their account at least once a day and may spend around thirty minutes on the platform. The potential of your business is surely limitless on Instagram.

  • Show yourself on Instagram:

By using Instagram services, your enterprise, whether it’s big or small, will                           have the chance to get noticed not only by local users but international users as well. Instagram makes this possible through hashtags and geotags. Geotagging means that you can put a geographical identification to the things you post on the network. When a user sees the post, they can pinpoint the exact location where the post was taken or posted. Used in conjunction with hashtagging, it becomes one perfect marketing tool.

The hashtag in social media acts as a quick search link for similar topics which are being discussed in Instagram. This will help users discover accounts and also pick up followers. Wouldn’t it be good for a business to be discovered and followed by millions of users?

  • The power of creativity:

Another reason why it is important for your business to market using Instagram services is that it gives you the capacity to compete with big companies by just being creative with your posts. You no longer need to pay for a huge amount of advertising money just to contend with other businesses. You just need to post things which are visually appealing and give it the right tags. You can then promote your product to the world. Furthermore, Instagram gives you the flexibility to either post things originally or with its beautiful set of filters which can make your images more vibrant and interesting. There is no hassle, and everything happens in an instant.

  •   Mingle with potential clients

Once you get the attention of users by using Instagram services you can then interact with them through comments. Users can comment on your posts, and you can do the same thing with theirs. The thing is the more interaction in your posts the better it is for your business. Interaction will help raise your posts trend and get your company more attention. Also, with the use of tags you can target which of the users will be interested in your products or services

If you are not yet sold on using Instagram services for your business then now is the time to think differently. The world is changing, and most people are now heading to the internet to look for the things that interest them. Everything is now caption online, and Instagram is the perfect podium to kick start your business.


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