Learn On Page SEO, SMO – Increase Organic and Viral Social Traffic

Most of the companies publishing their content as a way to build their audience and increase traffic to their websites. However, they may not be getting everything they could from each piece of content they create. If you are particular about your content then you also need to be serious about driving as much traffic to it as possible.

One of the most important ways to get more traffic to your websites is shared your content on social media again and again. If you publish your content, again and again, Users will select a related topic. Useful articles are always shared the most and may go viral. If you do not optimize your article it won’t get expected traffic. Nowadays on page optimization is equaled to SEO &SMO. Most of the website owners use this formula.

Website traffic= Good Article + On Page SEO & SMO

If your article is not up to the guidelines set by search engines it won’t get much traffic. Optimization involves both SEO and SMO. Webmasters must ensure both these tools are properly and proportionately utilized to earn maximum traffic.

 Learn On Page SEO

1. Seo on page is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to increase the rank of a page and get more traffic to your websites. On Page refers to both the content and HTML source code of the page that can be optimized.  On page optimization changes every day. We need to update the website regularly using on page optimization. By optimizing using SEO it gains Organic Traffic to the website. Organic traffic helps in ranking better in search engines.

2. The name of the title should be attractive and it includes powerful keywords and should be less than 70 characters. First users will read our title. The title should be catchy, should contain keywords, targeted keywords are must to be included in the title. A catchy title does half of the work in driving visitors to the website.

3. Maintain good meta description. write your article within the 160 characters. But keywords are not mandatory. In Search engine as well as Social media, the meta description is shown to users and about 40% of users will read meta description also before clicking a link. So write a perfect meta description that makes curiosity or interested to learn.

4. Before writing an article think once is it useful or not. Also, keep the targeted users in mind while writing an article. Don’t think about the efficient keyword. Just write for users and optimize for robots. Just include synonyms in your article but don’t stuff keywords. Because they are not robots they are humans.

5. Write short paragraphs means 4 to 5 sentences. Don’t write long sentences. Because information should be easy customer should satisfy by your article.  Your article must be attractive with good font and size. Interlink your article with related keywords as anchor text it is helpful for users. Use quality and do follow backlinks.

6. Interlink your articles with relevant keywords. It is helpful for the readers to read more about the similar topics. It will increase the time they spend on your website. Don’t use more interlinks it may distracts the readers. Use only to the relevant keywords.

7. Choose font size and font style which is attractive and easily readable to the users. Don’t choose the font which is clumsy and not user-friendly because reader many not show interest in reading the article which is not attractive.

Consider your users as friends, by this you will become more dedicated and polite. This helps to improve the quality of your articles.

Learn On Page SMO 

1. SMO is also called as social media optimization.  It is the next wave of online marketing, the perfect marriage between search engine optimization and social media optimization. As a business in the internet age, you can’t exist without addressing the critical issues of online visibility and customer interaction. That’s exactly what SMO is designed to do.

2. SMO helps in increasing Viral traffic to the website. It helps in building connections and increase social followers on different social media sites. This helps in building a good network on social media which gradually increase traffic to the website. Social media network has a great impact in increasing traffic and commanding the others also. It helps in setting a trend to the others.

3. Most of the user spend less time on your website and want to learn more in that less time. So your web page should be attractive and easy to search related content. Use headings and subheadings, bold text, images, quotes, infographics, related videos, as long as these will help users to learn easily and in depth.

4. While adding infographics be creative and add watermark to those infographics, also keep embedded code to the images.

5. Learn the use of social sharing button of most popular social networking sites. Such as facebook, twitter, Linkedin, etc. just use do follow attributes to sharing buttons. Use social commenting from along with default commenting form. Reply to users comments on your content and clarify their doubts. Be active on your website. Increase your contacts on social media that increases so that authority of your website will increase automatically.

6. Please provide a safe zone for users on social media and on your websites. Appreciate users comments so that you can grab their mind. Give freedom to users on your website don’t force them to anything. Because everyone loves freedom.


Posting a good content is not enough to get traffic. Quality content and highly optimized content is the key to bringing readers to the website. optimize the content suitable to SEO & SMO. By optimizing the content readability and learning experience can be improved.

If you start using these tips to your quality content, then you can see the increment in the traffic and visitors for your website in less time. These tips work very effectively and are the key to generating revenue on your website.

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