Narendra Modi-The Future of India


Narendra Modi-The Future of India

“Narendra Modi” A light of hope and the future of India. The 15th Prime minister of india, In india -the world’s largest democracy by electorate, there is no politician other than Modi, who is having so much courage and influenced a huge majority of the population with his thoughts and deeds. After his progressive deeds in Gujarat, many people want him to be the Prime Minister of India and everybody is having the hope that he will plant more opportunities in the country and brings a large development in the economy.

Narendra Modi is known for its unique agenda and his ideology is surely will bring a lot of positive changes in the country. It is not so difficult to make a description about Modi to those who have never aware about him and his work. He is having a strong tendency of authority and is very familiar in nature. If we see the progress level of Gujarat, we will notice that there has been a strong economic growth in Gujarat State under the guidance of the Narendra Modi. The whole nation is having a large expectation from the Narendra Modi-the Future of India.

As a Prime Minister of India, he gave an invitation to the leaders of SAARC countries for participating in the Oath taking Ceremony. The main reason is to enhance the relationship and develop a business. He always believes in maintaining a strong relationship with the neighboring countries that is why he visited foreign countries like Nepal and Bhutan after becoming the Prime Minister. In the coming days, he is going to implement the agenda which he planned for his nation such as:

To maintain and change road and rail networks in such a manner that everybody can reach their place with safety and within 24 hours.Creating a Kanha-Krishna corridor, this starts from MP till Andhra Pradesh. It will also include all the rail networks, highways and many others up gradations.Faster and cheaper metro rails facility in every towns and cities.To keep the long distance call rates to a minimum rate, so that every citizen can avail the benefit of such service.Set up of decentralized mini grids in built-up towns.In order to meet the agenda, a public service delivery Guarantee to be formulated.To upgrade district hospitals and bring a lot of medical facility and make the people more aware about their health.

Our Prime Minister is really a great Democratic leader and knows how to fight against the human rights and justice. In the country, in spite of having the corrupted party of Congress, Narendra Modi shines like a star and become our Prime Minister. The 15th August speech of our Prime Minister is considered as most remarkable and is meant for the future of the country. There are various components in the speech which purely reflects the mind of everyone including women, servants, safety and many others. The director of India has raised a new slogan known as- Come, make in India. He really gives the surety that he is really serious in making his country progressive on a worldwide scale.

The Prime Minister also focused on the communal harmony that is very essential for bringing the peace in the country. As a personality, he is introvert and workaholic in nature. He is having great potential to pull the large crowds towards him. He stands as the fourth followed leader in the world.

The Government of Modi has progressed a lot in order to develop the Gujarat in the aspects of economic as well as dynamic development under the slogan of “Vibrant Gujarat”. The critics and the followers of Modi know that the Modi is having an authoritative power and leadership quality. As a person, he is disciplined and a great public speaker. The whole nation is having a lot of expectations from the real hero known as “Narendra Modi”.

Mr. Narendra Modi is having the strong desire to make India a global power. He wants an empowerment in the five brands such as talent, technology, tradition, tourism and trade. According to him, Information Technology is considered as the development engine which has the capability to create a huge transformation of India into knowledgeable economy. The Prime Minister also congratulates the strong sight of Telecom sector and special plans were established in the telecom sector. He believes that in order to bring a change in the technology, there is a need to integrate all the languages and utilization of sign ages in communication on a regular basis.

There is a need to focus on the diversification and development in the IT sector. He also makes a powerful interaction with the 30 top most renowned IT field industrialists and the Experts and makes a discussion regarding the development of the Technology Sector. The Prime Minister also visited at the launch of the successful satellite Program known as PSLV-C23.  He makes a strong vision to share his country’s technology with the neighbors who are lacking such expertise. He asks ISRO to make a planning for SAARC Satellite.

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