Powerful Tactics To Increase Your Online Influence

Ever since the social networking sites came into existence, people are trying to increase their online influence score by making lot of friends and following many marketers, making more number of followers to the brand or a company. But now a days quality is what they are expecting and not the number of followers or friends in their social networking sites.

It is important to look over the factors that convert them for making online Reputation, it is not judged by the number of followers or friends on social networking sites. Influence score is measured to know whom to trust. Reputation is calculated by active presence on different social networking sites like taking topics, audience interaction, webinars and actively participating in all the aspects of social networking sites.

For business owners it is important to understand who influences their products and services, and to deal with these opinion leaders with authenticity and respect. Once the impact of a businesses’ influencers outreach is tracked and their authority measured. One who maintains a business surely needs to know who can influence their products and services online and should know whom to target to increase their online reputation.

The biggest problem that people seem to have is not setting up a website or creating content, but really making an impact in their market. It seems for some, influence is out of reach but today many ways are there to increase our online influence score.

Relationships with Industry Influencers: 

One has to spend a lot of time reading industry blogs then we can know who the real influencers are and once you know it’s time to put together a list. Try to be in touch by any social media methods and regular following them on every events.

When you’re just starting out, building relationships with influencers will give you a big head start. This is because you may have a small or even virtually none existent audience, but the influencers in your industry already have an established audience that you can potentially tap into by building relationships with them.

The key is to maintain the relationship and this is done by:

  • Sharing each other’s content,
  • linking out to each other in posts.

Guest post on popular industry blogs

A lot of people guest post to get a back link to their site, and while links are the currency of the web and will make a difference to your rankings in Google, the best reason to guest post is to get yourself known within your industry, to get visibility and to get traffic.

When you start to get published on popular industry blogs, things will change Instead of going out and pitching it is better to guest post on industry blogs. That’s not to say stop pitching to write for other industry blogs, but it sure does wonders for your visibility.

Don’t just think about contributing once either, carry on contributing, there will be people that might not have seen the first article you published on an industry blog, but they may see the next one so there is still opportunity to garner more visibility.

 Interview industry influencers 

Taking part in interviews with the industry influencers or asking them to take part in interviews is an another way to increase influence score. This works like an endorsement to the one who conducting interview as well as one who is participating in the interview. If you ask someone to take part in an interview, there is a high likelihood that if you ask them to help you promote it that they will.

Whenever anyone is mentioned on a blog in a positive light, it’s an endorsement and by sharing that with your followers you will increase your own perceived authority. When it’s a group interview with a number of other big names that you can see will get a lot of traction then it’s extremely compelling.

The other great thing is that interviews are a great resource and they are very shareable and linkable content which ties in very well.

 Deliver quality content

This is nothing new and it’s the foundation for a solid content marketing campaign. In any case you need to deliver quality content because if you don’t, your audience won’t stick around for long and people will start to lose faith in what you have to say.

If you make claims, back them up and add as much value as you can to make sure that your audience keep coming back for more. Whatever social media aspects you do in order to gain visitors and making them to come back you need to deliver quality content on your site.

  • conclusion

Your online influence is difficult to gauge, although there are many tools that make it a lot easier to tell just how much of an impact you have across your social media profiles. When someone who is very trustworthy in a particular field shares or engages with your content or website, their influence can helps in building our online reputation. As the influence of that persons drags more traffic and gradually increase the online score.In order to influence the trustworthy person we need to attract him first, that means we need to post good and quality content on our websites. This makes them to engage with you or your business.

Be sure to be active in limited number of Social media sites and take active participation in that sites. Because following all the sites and being active all the sites may leads to the downfall of online reputation. As we cannot be active in all the social media sites regularly. So it is better to be active in one or two sites and actively participate in those sites only.


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