SEO Smart Links Plug-in for Smart Interlinking of Your Blog Content

SEO Plug-in is the one, must for WordPress blogs. This can help us to interlink our blog contents in SEO and smart friendly manner. Best thing about SEO Smart Link plug-in is that it’s available with lots of customization options.

Installation Process:

It won’t take long time for installing this SEO plug-in for WordPress blogs. Below is the step by step process we need to follow in order to install it into our WordPress plug-in directory:

Step 1:

Go to WordPress plug-in section into our WordPress admin panel and then click Add New.

Step 2:

Search with SEO Smart Links in the search box available and very first result should be for SEO Smart Links plug-in. Vladimir Prelovac developed this plug-in

Step 3:

Click Install Now and activate it

Step 4:

Browse these plug-in options available for customization from the Settings à SEO Smart Links.

List of features:

The following are the features we get benefit after installing SEO Smart Links plug-in:

  • This plug-in can be used for linking the keywords and the phrases to their targeted posts, pages, tags and categories etc in your blog posts and comments section.
  • We can add no follow tag to the external links and can make them open in new window or in different tab.
  • We can keep the limited number of maximum links this plug-in should generate per each post.
  • We also set the limit for number of links this should generate for a specific keyword.
  • This plug-in helps us to generate lots of SEO friendly internal links for the targeted pages of our blog, which result in high rankings for those pages on Google and other search engines.
  • Strong interlinking of our blog contents can help them to get better page rank from Google.
  • Since we auto link our blog contents in relevant manner and it should improve engagement metrics of our blog that include its bounce rate.
  • We can set certain type of contents and keywords that should be ignored by SEO Smart Links.
  • We have to make sure this plug-in don’t use the contents placed in different heading tags for auto-interlinking.
  • This plug-in can be a real goldmine for affiliate marketers as they use this SEO plug-in in order to create affiliate links automatically and also we can add some attributes like no follow and open in New Window to those affiliate links to make their affiliate contents more search engine friendly.

Premium Version

This plug-in will be available in WordPress Plug-in directory for free of cost with some basic features and there is a premium version of SEO Smart Links available here with lots of advanced features available.

If anyone asks us whether we should go for free version of SEO Smart Links premium one or plug-in, recommending you going for a free version if we have small WordPress blog and own a very popular blog, we should go for its Premium version. In this case we continue using free version of plug-in into a high traffic blog; this may lower down the performance of your WordPress blog.

Being an SEO expert, we know how important it is to interlink our website contents in an intelligent way; they not only look good to search engines. But also they add value for our blog readers. We can achieve automatically the same thing with SEO Smart Links plug-in.

SEO Smart link for bloggers:

SEO Smart link plug-in is one of the essential WordPress plug-in for any blogger. This helps us to get better rank for a keyword, and this is something which we have to test and try our self. In this, we can also share how to use SEO Smart link plug-in.

SEO Smart link for Affiliate marketer:

This plug-in is useful for Affiliate marketers in order to auto link the words with their affiliate URL. For example, we can auto-link word “Hostgator” with our Hostgator affiliate URL. Moreover, we can add no follow link to such linking which helps us in SEO. At the same time we can increase our affiliate links and income without hampering your blog SEO.

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