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If you know how to bring lots of targeted traffic to your blog from search engines then you must be aware about SEO and related techniques. But what you will do if you are newbie to SEO or need help in perfecting the Onpage SEO activities for your blog. Since you are blogging on WordPress, there are lots of free and premium SEO plugins available that are promising to help you make your blog posts and pages SEO friendly with different Onpage SEO activities. SEOPressor is a premium SEO plugin for WordPress blog that will help in doing all the onpage activities that you need to get top rankings on Google and other search engines.

Recently SEO Pressor was included in the list of top 10 Premium Plugins for WordPress by website . You can judge about the effectiveness of SEOPressor Plugin by the fact that currently more than 10 million WordPress pages are powering SEOPressor plugin.

SEOPressor Plugin: Onpage SEO Factors List

SEOPressor plugin take into account lots of Onpage SEO factors while helping you in optimizing your WordPress blog posts and pages. On the basis of these onpage seo factors which includes keyword density as well, SEO Pressor calculates the SEO score for your current blog post or page where you are using SEOPressor plugin. Let’s discuss about these factors in detail:

Heading Tags

Being an SEO Expert, I know the importance of using heading tags in my website content. SEO Pressor plugin make sure that you have added h1, h2 and h3 tags in an optimized way. Ideally single H1 tag should be used and you can have multiple h2 and h3 tag. Most of the time in WordPress, your title is served in h1 tag at single post level. So you should not add any h1 tag in your content body as it is already available at title level.

Keyword Density and Content Length

In the recent times, it has been noticed short length content does not do well on Google especially. Keyword density is bit tricky game. Different industry experts have different views about how much keyword density we should use in our website contents. To be on the safer side, you should keep your keyword density ratio to 2 to 3% only. SEOPressor plugin will check these factors and will suggest the actions that you should take.

Keyword Placement in Your Content

SEO Pressor WordPress plugin will analyse the exact positioning of targeted keyword in to your content and what need to be done to get your website rankings higher on Google and other search engines. One of thing you could do to get better score on SEOPressor plugin is use your targeted keyword as the first word or in the first sentence of your blog content. And it would be more beneficial if you could use it last sentence of your blog post or page.

Font Decorations for targeted keywords

SEOPressor plugin understands the importance of using bold, italic and underline formatting to give importance to targeted keywords and certain terms. This SEO Plugin can help you in adding all these font decorations for targeted keyword on your blog content automatically.

Alternative Text with Images

As an SEO guy, I know we should be adding alternative text with each image that we are uploading on our blog. And we should include targeted keyword into alt text associated with our images to make our blog posts more search engine friendly. SEO Pressor which is a premium SEO plugin can automatically add your targeted keyword as alternative text with your images.

Optimize Blog Posts and Pages

With this plugin, you can not only optimize your blog posts but can also optimize your blog pages for their targeted terms. So you can use this premium SEO plugin to optimize both types of contents on your blog.

Provide SEO Score

SEOPressor premium SEO plugin will calculate the SEO score for your onpage optimization activities. Higher SEO score is expected to help you get good rankings on search engines.

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