Serpstat Review: Is it Really Better Than SEMrush?

Serpstat review

For bloggers and internet marketers serpstat is best tool. This tool is growing rapidly in the industry and I think it may beat many other Seo tools. This is an unbiased review and I am informing you that an affiliate link is placed at the bottom of the article which gives me some commission, if you purchase Serpstat through the link. I promise you that the affiliate link won’t increase any rates of the product.

Serpstat Pricing

The pricing of SerpStat starts from a small price of $19/month,Making it the cheapest Seo tool for internet marketers. But keep in mind that, it is the starting plan.

The biggest plan ( Plan E ) costs $499 per month, making it one of the costliest seo tools for business purpose.

SemRush plans starts from $49/month and the largest plan of SemRush costs $69/month, Making the large plan more cheaper than SerpStat.

Serpstat costs is less where high in SemRush.When it comes to Pricing in Serpstat vs SemRush, SerpStat is tremendous and clear winner.

Tools and features

Here are the important features of Serpstat. I know that I missed some features, but keep in mind that these are the important tools of this tool.

Domain analysis :

Input the URL of a blog and give Serpstat some time to analyse it.

Serpstat gives you so much information on the domain includes :

Top organic keywords :

How was the blog getting organic traffic ( Traffic from search engines ) . It will show you the keywords, How much volume does the keyword have, How much CPC does the keyword have and How much position does the blog got for the keyword. In the above example, you can see, I analyzed and provided the list of below keywords :

Backlink Checker

In the domain analysis, we have seen that the result contains information about backlinks. But it will only show 5 Links.

But what about the remaining links ?

Does a blog only have 5 links ?

Not at all, When we click on show full backlinks in domain analysis, we will be redirected to this tool.

This is the backlink checker tool of Serpstat and it really provides quick and accurate list of the backlinks for a domain.

Serpstat trust rank to decide the quality and condition of a backlink.

At the same time, when you click on Show full backlinks on lost backlinks section of Domain analysis, we will be redirected to this tool which contains the list of lost backlinks too.Lost backlink checker is one of the main tools in Serpstat review.

Keyword research tool

No need of any introduction for bloggers with some experience and for new bloggers, here is a small definition :

Keyword research is nothing other than finding and selecting keywords which helps is to rank higher in search engines. Selecting a wrong keyword may won’t give you any higher rankings.

So selection of right keyword is a must, you can read this guide on Proper keyword research and learn more about it.

Serpstat comes with a handy keyword research tool and it is also very accurate.

Keyword rank checker

Have you Written a fantastic and seo optimized article ?

Waiting for your post to be indexed in Google ?

Yes, finally, your blog post was indexed. But, How much position you got for the keyword ?

Are you typing different, search queries and surfing many pages in SERP and wasting so much time and sweat ?

The quick solution for your problem is keyword rank checker tool by Serpstat.

Input your keyword, Input your domain URL, Select search engine and click on track.

It will does the work for you and instantly checks the first 100 results in Google and checks whether your blog post is ranked or not.

If ranked, it will show, how much position you have got in SERP, making it easier to keep a teach of your keywords.

In this Serpstat review, This is the time saving and accurate data providing tool.

Site Audit

Is your blog optimized for search engines ?

If no, this tool is for you. In this Serpstat review, this is the most important tool which you must use.

Because this tool checks each and every aspect of your blog and gives you result about ” Which aspect is killing your blog ? ” and after knowing about the aspect, search about how to recover from it and you can easily optimize your blog for search engines.

Optimizing a blog is not only the thing for achieving a good SERP.

Removal of bad aspects is also a key to rank higher in search engines.

How to use Serpstat for improving SERP’S

Using keyword research tool :

On page Seo starts with keywords,

So keyword research is important for every blogger.

According to us, Serpstat provides one pf the best keyword research tools and the tool is so accurate.

For improving SERP, you should check out low competition keywords which you can easily find through the keyword research tool of Serpstat.

The keyword research tool provides us much accurate information about the competition of a keyword. We would suggest you to check out keywords which have competition less than 30 ( Easier to rank ).

Using competitor analysis :

How the hell was your competitor able to rank higher than you ?

To beat and stole his traffic, Analyse his domain using the domain analysis tool and know ” Which keywords does your competitor use ? “.

Stole his keywords and stole his traffic.

Serpstat vs Semrush

Serpstat is more accurate in finding competition of keywords. At the same time, Serpstat is cheaper than SemrRush.

SemRush has a huge database of Domains and keywords but where as Serpstat has small database of domains and keywords.

SemRush and Serpstat provide matching tools.


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