Simple Tips To Increase Crawl Rate And Better Index Your Website

Site crawling is very important for any website because if your website is not crawled it won’t be visible in search engine result which is the primary source of traffic for a website, if it is not crawled perfectly it will result in missing several pages and sub pages of your website in search engine results.

There are some tricks and tips to customize your website and increase your website’s visibility to the crawling bots which will help you in indexing your website faster than usual.

Here are some most effective ways to increase site crawl rate and increase your website’s visibility in popular search engines.

Know Search Engine Working

Know how the search engine works, it will help you in a lot of ways including in increasing crawl rate. Google bots/spiders/crawlers is a software that searches the web for new websites and content from site to site following links. So it will help a lot to have your website links shared across other websites, Google bots coming across those websites will follow your link to that website and index your website quicker than before.

But it’s hard to get your links published by other websites as it affects their link juice, so it’s wise to choose guest blogging, social bookmarking sites, and directory submission and forum sites for this task.

Sitemap submission and Robots.txt are the best technical methods to improve your crawl rate with less effort in less time. But be careful while using robots.txt because slightest mistakes could end up your website undetected by bots resulting in website disappearing from search engine results.

If your website is a WordPress website you can use Google XML sitemap plugin to generate dynamic sitemap and submit it to Google Webmaster tool.

Update Content Regularly

Update your website content regularly, content is by far the most important criteria that search engines consider in various aspects. Websites that update their content daily on a regular basis are more likely to get crawled quicker. Even if your website does not belong to the regularly updating category, you can maintain a blog for your website interlinked and update a blog with various posts relative to the parent website.

Blogs are the easiest and most cost effective way to update new content on a regular basis. You can also add new videos or podcast to your blog. It is recommended that you provide fresh and original content(not copied) at least three times in a week to improve your crawl rate.

Social Media Widgets

Have your websites social media accounts interlinked by widgets in your website by using plugins. This will allow your audience to follow your social media accounts and also to share your content with their friends on social media, which will help in increasing your website’s crawl rate. And also practice internal links in the content to another relevant content in your own domain which will decrease bounce rate and increases the SEO score and crawling rate too.

Choose the best hosting services offering more up time, because crawlers don’t wait or work according to your server timings. Crawling is better for those websites whose servers are always running.

SEO Optimization

Copied content decreases crawl rates and has negative effects on your website’s SEO score. Search engines can easily identify copied content. Repeated usage of copied content will result in banning of your website from search engine.

Know the basics of SEO and use those tips in optimizing the content including images used in the content, use various free tools or paid tools available on the internet for optimizing the content and identifying the copied content from unique content.

Use robots.txt and stop search engine bots from crawling unnecessary pages like admin pages, back-end folders as we don’t need them to be indexed in Google, this will help in better crawling of the important content.

Google’s webmaster tools is an authentic Google tool for monitoring the website crawl rate, so use this tool and monitor the crawl rate and you can even increase the crawl rate manually, but be cautious using this tool.

Using the above tactics you can improve your crawl rate and indexing rate efficiently with less effort and within the less time.

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  • March 25, 2017 at 6:46 am

    Hello Mahesh,
    Important point to focus on…… as our site or post will not be visible on google if google crawler will not crawl the site or post… Your article will really help the readers to boost their business online and make it rank high on google…
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