HUMAN – A weird but amazing creature of this world… emerging from an Ape , all erect – the Homo Sapiens  Sapiens  – are now the rulers of the solar system ( as of now…though domain is infinite) …This had never occurred to me… but as I was thinking about what is my in-time in my hostel (which is 9 pm) , I just went on going deeper , trying to find out the root cause of it… and now here I am – in the era of apes 😛 ( See how a human brain works 😉 ).evolutionAll free …we – when apes- were free to go anywhere we wanted to!!! But the sad part is that it didn’t last long …great part is we had homes!! 😀 .. Evolution is the integral part of development and so is in the case of humans… we evolved – and grew intellectual (and are still developing)…But as we grew, we invented something – “RESTRICTIONS” . Every step towards organising ourselves gave us some restrictions… some laws that curbed our movements! The “go with the flow” is not accepted, but “follow the norms” is what is being taught.. Sometimes I hate this…and I know I myself am a victim to this .. There are some tasks which are expected to be done by a particular group of people ( as women to do the household chores and men to earn money)…even though they might do other tasks but they are bound to do their own! People will accept that the man is earning money but the woman is not but never the other way round…Or the woman is cooking and the man is not but the vice versa is never accepted! Not fair! But this is what society expects…by-Neil-Moralee-640x480Many a times , I have been said – ‘kya yaar!! Ladki hoke khaana pakaana nhi aata!! ‘…and like adorning is considered the domain of girls 😛 …boys adorning themselves are mocked..   Some norms like – female is  the weaker gender ( they are indeed biologically) the mentality of some orthodox people to dominate them  and to restrict them– is just totally absurd… This ideology of many led to the so called “eve teasing , rapes, domestic violence ..etc”.. Sticking to the old formed norms doesn’t do any good … it has just given us some gruesome results!! We are going ahead in terms of technological development, but we have a huge flaw in our organisation of the society (strictly my opinion)… changing minds is what is needed – which in itself is a huge task… And in the end – changing minds and not putting restrictions on the in time of girls is what I want :p ( on personal basis 😉 ) …

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