Step by step guide to create own professional website

Technology is very advanced and also internet is growing rapidly day by day. Everyone can build a website on their own. Every individual or business person are creating websites to be in touch with the outer world just by sitting in front of a desktop or a laptop.

Now a days having a website is an essential thing for the geeks or for the business. We can have a website and can run by ourselves. Everything we do are we write can post on our website, is it may be an information site or business site. It is a mere thing to have a website, but how to set up website for a beginner is a tough thing to do.

Starting from the buying domain name and till the whole set of website it takes a lot of time and need more knowledge to do so. Its not that hard but surely need some skill to build a website. Here we are giving complete guidelines for building a website using wordpress.

Buying Domain name and Hosting.

In order built a site using WordPress or any other platform we need have to main things.

  1. Domain name

It is the web address for your site (

  1. Hosting

Hosting is the server which connects your site to the internet.

WordPress platform is free to use, but the domain name and hosting are to be purchased from the providers. Many Domain and Hosting providers are there in the market with different prices offering with different services.

Select a provider which is very genuine and provides a very good service, it has to be choosen wisely as we has to run the website for the long run. Domain can be available for 2$-5$ some times it varies based on the name you has choosen and extensions (.com, .in, .org ) you select. Where as hosting is provided by many servers, but it is good to have own server for high performance of the website.

Choosing Domain Name and Hosting.

Domain Name: We has to choose the name based on our business name or by the name in the case of individual for easily identification purpose, as it serves as a branding.

It should be cachy and easily remembered at the first instance. So that we can impact on it.

Hosting: We should be careful while choosing hosting as there are many 3rd party server providers who are not genuine. It is better to buy a own server with lot of memory and page speed so that there are no issues with loading of the page and speed. For hosting we has to pay for every year or sometimes more based on the option we select.

After successful Buying of domain and hosting we will get a confirmation to email provided while doing the transaction. When we get this mail we can go for the installation.

Set Up Website

After buying domain name and hosting we need to do installation by selecting any of the CMS platforms. Here we are using WordPress as CMS platform.

WordPress installation.

Login with username and password provided by the server for our domain and go for wordpress installation.

Next  go to control panel and look for the wordpress icon. Click on the icon and upload the file downloaded from site which is free.

Then install the wordpress on the website after installing you can access the site using your username and password.

By logging into the site a blank and a basic wordpress page will appear on the screen. We has to design the site for better appearance.

Website Designing.

Once we successfully logged into the site we see a basic page which we can’t use as it basic operations which may not be good for the long run. So we need to design the website by installing themes.

Basic theme of the website looks like the image above.

For installing themes we need to go to wordpress dashboard seen on the top left corner on the site. For wordpress login we need enter this URL  Then we can see the dashboard.

Everything will displayed on the screen with options given clearly for doing any installation or editing.

We need to install theme to our website to make it look good and made it available live on the internet. There are many themes available in the wordpress themes gallery which we can use for free. Themes are to be selected based on the type of our website and what it provides. Because every theme has a different menu, appearance and functions. Choosing a right theme makes website look awesome.

There are more than 1000 free themes available for the beginners to choose later on we can buy paid themes which has advanced functions based on our website upgradation.

In dashboard go to “Appearance” in left side bar. Below that you will find themes click on that to see all the themes. Spend some time to see the best one to opt for your site.

Installing a Theme

Once you find a suitable theme just click on that and you will see options like “Install Now”, “Preview”. If you want to see the theme how it looks just click on the preview, and it will show you and next just click on the install now button, your theme will be installed in seconds.

We can change themes at any time it won’t delete the pages, posts, or the content, just the look of the site will be changed.

Select themes from the dashboard which are available for free.


Adding Pages and the Content

After the installation of theme we need go on adding content to the website. We need to  Customize our Site.

Adding Pages.

  • In the left side bar below the dashboard we will find “pages” click on that to add new pages like “service” page or “About page” or any other you want to add.
  • After adding we can add this pages to the Menu.
  • Click “Appearance”->Menu in the sidebar.
  • Find the pages you created and tick the checkbox which are to be added to the Menu.

Adding Posts

First you need to create categories by Clicking “Posts”-> categories create as many as you want based on the services or content of the website.

For creating a blog post Click “Posts”-> “Add New”  after writing content make sure to select a category from the right side bar with suitable category. Give a good title to the post. Give meta keywords and meta description below the post. Once you completed just check for the preview and then publish it from the right side bar where you can see the buttons.

You have successful created and designed your website now you don optimizing by adding SEO plugins which helps in controlling the website.

Go to settings for changing different options related to comments, blocking emails, deleting comments. To add any contact form.We can add widgets, social media plugins for posting on all the social networks SEO plugins to monitor the working of the performance. To not add more plugins as it may slow down the site.

After successful installation your website is ready to use, now you can post content regarding your research, business or about any other information. Make sure for regular On page and Off page optimization for driving traffic and for getting a good rank on search engine.

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