The best career options


The best career options

Choosing a right and best career is an important decision  in life it is first step to begin bright future .everyone get confused while  choosing a career option. Career  option should be chosen depend on the interest and job prospects.

(1)    First, ask yourself ‘For what career am I best suited’?

(2)    Then ask yourself ‘For what career am I best prepared’?

The best career in any country is to be happy ,satisfied and to feel content with your work. The best job Of IAS officer cannot make you feel good if you aren’t glad about it. So give your best in your interest and it will return you a lot. Money and Power aren’t everything ,you have to learn to respect your own profession first . Today ,everything is possible.


What are Best careers ?

What is meant by best career ?

The one which will be more financially rewarding or the one that will make you happy ? What if you can get both ?


Choose a career which is meant for you. The one which is best for you and at the same time which you can  be able to perform the best. When you read in the newspaper about students getting high packages you might wonder that it is the best field.

People make  mistake by assuming  that we will get the same amount of recognition if we choose the same field. we never pay attention to the fact that they might have a passion for that field and they have put their heart and soul into it.

I am mentioning some areas which were among the top few highest paying domains last year. The pay mentioned for various jobs is not in any particular order and if you are planning to apply to any one of them, REMEMBER it may vary according to your potential. Join a field which is meant for you.



Networking field has a wide range of opportunities all over the world. The giant’s companies are like IBM WIPRO etc are providing a lot of opportunities in networking jobs.

To be a successful network engineer you need to be a confident communicator, work hard and should have passion in the field, analytical  and problem-solving skills Network engineers are responsible for  implementing the process, maintaining network, supporting, developing and, in some cases, designing communication networks within an organization or between organizations.

Testing jobs:

Software Testing opens great job opportunities With the growth in IT and Software, demand for software testers has increased around the world.

India is among one of the fastest developing IT area  in the world and employs highest numbers of IT professionals in different areas. In past few years, Software Testing has become an extremely good career choice in terms of professional growth, learning experience and income.


 Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is booming career right-now by providing a lot of opportunities. Digital marketing people have a lot of demand in field.

According to the survey the digital economy is growing 10 times faster than the traditional economy which will result in job openings of 900,000 vacancies by 2017.fresher jobs

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