The Secret to Effective Time Management – Let’s Grow Leaders

The Secret to Effective Time Management - Let's Grow Leaders

Time management involves recognizing our priorities and schedule the time based on that priorities. If you manage the time effectively on this parameter then you could find the secrets of the time management. Effective management means using the time to reach your goal more quickly.

As per the smart people who have managed the time effectively the secrets of effective management are:

  1. Make your mind for important and urgent task first:

What are the things that are important for your goal do them first rather spending the extra time worrying about it? If you knock out the difficult task then you can spend rest time relaxing as the difficult task has finished. Sometimes the urgent task takes much more time than you expect to complete this leads to the postponement of less urgent tasks in order to avoid such postponement of the tasks do the things that more prior to you.

  1. Make a schedule:

Without having a schedule of your tasks to be accomplished it would be difficult to manage the time effectively. Lay out a schedule for when you required doing many different things. All the work should not be only on the paper it should be in the action also .while preparing the schedule to make sure that you give enough time to each work and work as per the schedule I.e. do the task when it needs to be exactly done. If you put all the tasks to be done on the appropriate time then the chance of forgetting the things would be less.

  1. Turn off the social media sites:

As per the researchers now –a-days people spend more time on the social media sites. So, if you give up these things then you get more time to achieve your goal more quickly. Turn off the all the notifications, one little chat will lead to a one-hour session this time drain. Prevent yourself looking into social media sites entirely. You could be able to so much work done if you close your accounts in social media sites.

  1. Learn how to say “NO”:

If you plenty on your plate then you need to then you should learn how to say “NO”.It is not required to take all the work given you. You should know your limitations. Yes I do agree taking more work have positives if you lower the quality for increasing the quantity of the work then it is not acceptable

  1. Allows others to help you:

If you have too much work to handle then you need to ask the help of others.Not all the things could be done by you alone or it makes may be taken more time if you do alone. So never hesitate to ask help from others it helps take away the load off yours.

  1. Don’t multi –task you waste more time doing so:

Some people are greater in multi-tasking.If you are not such of them and in such who are most horrible in multi-tasking then stop it and start learning how to assign all of your time to the one thing so that you could accomplish all the tasks quickly one after the other.

  1. Remove yourself from the time suckers:

There are many things that suck up your time give up such all things.Sometimes you find yourself wanting to clean, eat, watch television and so on when it is the time to do or you’re in the work that should be done. Remove yourself from those situations.

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