Top 10 Twitter Tools to Unfollow Your Unfollowers Fast


Top 10 Twitter Tools to Unfollow Your Unfollowers Fast

The best twitter unfollow tools to unfollow person followers who don’t follow you back?

We all recognize twitter is a great traffic generation foundation that can send a lot of traffic quickly if complete right. Other than the only difficulty with twitter is it’s profoundly crowded. Except you are using few incredible twitter tools, it’s almost not possible to grow your engagement and followers. If you are wondering how to unfollow individuals who don’t follow you back on Twitter, this article is for you where you will find out top 10 twitter tools to unfollow your UN followers.

Top 10 twitter tools to unfollow your unfollowers fast:

  1. Manage Flitter
  2. Tweepi
  3. Unfollower Stats
  4. CrowdFireApp
  5. Statusbrew
  6. Socialoomph
  7. 3 Commun IT
  8. Friendorfollow
  9. Untweeps
  10. Twitter Counter

Ultimate thoughts about using top 10 twitter tools to unfollow

Top 10 Twitter Tools To Unfollow Your Unfollowers

1. Manage Flitter:

Manage Flitter is the very powerful tool to unfollow your unfollowers on twitter. It provides you an inclusive search opportunity to sort out people who are following you as well as tracks the people who unfollow you. You are looking to prioritize more significant news in your twitter feed then this is for you. This Manage Flitter offers both free and premium plans.

Exceptional Features:

  • Allows you to post tweets at top point in time to reach your followers.
  • You can effortlessly find and follow the correct accounts.
  • You can supervise and get who is unfollowing you.
  • It helps to follow keywords.
  • It can recognize fake profiles and spammers.
  • Offers you set and select unfollow options up to 5000 people at once.
  • You can unfollow who tweet also a great deal and who doesn’t tweet or inactive.

How to use Manage Flitter to unfollow your unfollowers on twitter?

  • First, you connect your twitter account and it takes you to effective tour to how to use it.
  • It is manual shows you the people who are not following you back with their bios and tweets per day,
  • Extensive ago they produced the account, their actions when you hover your mouse on a particular person in the list.
  • Accordingly, with just one checkbox you can unfollow your unfollowers.

2. Tweepi

Tweepi special is, it is really fast, simple and particular. It extracts all the particulars like who is not following you as well as paves the way to found more important connections. This is not a free tool. It offers two packages explicitly silver and platinum plans.

Exclusive features of Tweepi:

  • It allows you to unfollow who doesn’t follow you back side
  • It’s Helps you to get those who follow you but you don’t follow them.
  • It can connect you to people who allocate related interests.
  • It Allows you to unfollow who post the unexciting update.
  • You can also find who your friends are following.
  • It helps you to discover the Twitter list of your followers and also you can create Twitter lists.

How to use tweepi

  • First offal Sign up with any one of the two plans as it is not a free tool.
  • And next Click on the “start using” tweeps button and authorize your twitter account.
  • You can be going to dashboard which is very effortless to manage with the rich set of tools.

3. Unfollower Stats

These unfollower stats are very simple and simple to use tool to track who is unfollowing you. It is the absolutely free tool and with just one click you can find your unfollowers.

Exclusive features:

  • You can easily track who rewetted your tweets and for how many times.
  • It suggests you tweet little topics to increase mutual followers.
  • In adding together to showing your unfollowers, it also displays who are not following you backside and whom you are not following your followers.
  • If you want; you can ‘copy followers’.

How to use it?

  • Go to the link and approve your twitter account.
  • It synchronizes and gets you all particulars
  • You can see all your unfollowers and blocked details etc in the dashboard. You can see from there.

4. CrowdFireApp

It is prevalently known as Just unfollow. This is one of the best free tools to unfollow your unfollowers where every you can follow or unfollow up to 100 users per day. You can switch to the paid version if you want to add to the limit.

Exclusive features:

  • You just click you can get every part of unmoving tweeters in your follow list.
  • It will give the complete list of who is not following you back.
  • You can verify your new followers and unfollowers too.
  • You can observe the details of your followers in the list itself.

How to use it

  • Once you approve your app, and you will get you all the details in your dashboard.
  • It shows the message in a very easy and simple English language who are motionless on your list and who unfollowed you.

5. Statusbrew

Adding together to twitter, it as well provides the capability to unfollow your unfollowers for Instagram too, to grow up your business and engagement quickly. This provides the app for together Android and iOS so you can simply use your smart phone to run your twitter followers.

Exclusive features:

  • We can make bulk publish.
  • It’s Shows reciprocal followers.
  • Displays unmoving tweeters with the time period.
  • We can also see who is not following you back.
  • It displays with just one click that is following you.
  • It Also gives information of dynamic followers in your list.
  • This is the last and special feature is we can check any pending requests too.

How to use it?

  • We have to Sign up with Moreover twitter or Instagram account which you want to handle.
  • It will ask for the email address to find extra features. You need to verify your email. Not including this step, you can’t utilize this tool.
  • Once if you confirmed your email, it takes to your home page.
  • Next Click on Audience tab to look into your unfollowers.
  • In to facilitate dashboard, we can see all options like bogus followers and unfollowers, lists everything.
  • We can unfollow Up to 100 accounts, up to 50 accounts you can follow and to wedge anyone or declare trackers, the limit is only 5 in free plans. If you want to amplify the limit you can upgrade.

6. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is a healthy known tool for managing social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn etc… It is generally used by thousands of social media enthusiasts and an enormous tool for organizing your twitter account.

Features of using Socialoomph

  • You can effortlessly program your social media posts
  • You can get applicable people to follow
  • You can check your tweets action and stats
  • protected your twitter right of entry simply

how you can use it

First, create a free account on Socialoomph create following the important people in your industry. If you want to see your twitter action who is following you back or not and unfollow those who are not following you on twitter.

7. CommunIT

This is another implausible twitter unfollow tool also used for increasing your social media engagement, boost your followers. It saves a ton of time and it’s enormously simple to manage your social media accounts.

Here are its features:

  • Manage many profiles & schedule posts
  • you can Focus on your influencers & customers
  • You can choose yourself who to follow and unfollow
  • What contented to tweet
  • Gives you access to your twitter analytics
  • you can Be Used by over 1 million users

How to use this tool

First, we have to create a free account with your twitter id, start subsequent people you know or who are related to your industry.

  • Check and connect with your twitter followers from the tool’s dashboard.
  • You can effortlessly find out the people who are not following you back on Twitter. After a week, start unfollowing them.

8. Friendorfollow

Friendorfollow is very extremely simple and free tool to unfollow those who don’t follow you back. Within addition to twitter, you can manage for Tumblr and Pinterest users too.

Exclusive features:

  • It will show the graphical depiction of unfollowers, fans, followers; in addition to displaying in plain English words.
  • You can offer to check the type of users like sheltered, established and regular which is the unique feature that you don’t find in other tools.
  • It will also show whom you are not following in your twitter list those who follow you.
  • You can Displays mutual followers.

How it works

  • First, go to the website link and authorize what on earth account you want to manage. You have to sign up with either Tumblr or Twitter or Pinterest.
  • Previously you log in with any one of the above, you can link up residual two of your accounts. You can separate or eradicate later if you don’t want.
  • Once you link up, it will get you to dashboard where you can see your unfollowers. And each image of a unfollowers list just floats your mouse to see what they are up to like their number of tweets per day, your last activity, number of their followers etc.
  • Within adding to above info, it will show unfollow button. Consequently, with the single click, you can unfollow your unfollowers.
  • We can check both who followed and unfollowed you recently.

9. Untweeps

It is one of the most excellent free tools to unfollow inactive followers. It will allow to scanning up to 7500 accounts for free. You have more than that, you can always upgrade to Pro.

Exclusive features:

  • This list of accounts who have not updated the status for 30 days by non-payment. If you can change the number if you want.
  • It offers the capability to block people in your contact lists.
  • You can scan up to 2500 accounts for stationary tweeters. Within each run, it offers 2500 accounts to scan for three times in free plan.

How it works:

  • When you authorize the app, it shows the message, records the accounts who have not updated their position for last 30 days. Just you click on ‘List Stale Accounts’’ button and there you go to unfollow your stopped tweeters.

10. Twitter Counter

An additional great tool for managing your twitter account. This tool is used by millions of people online and it is actually cooperative for boosting your social media followers and engagement.

Here are few rock features of this tool

  • get your mentions and retweets
  • import your twitter stats
  • measure up to your competitors
  • Add up to 10 dissimilar twitter accounts
  • Optimize your tweet timing (so you can increase your engagement and followers)
  • You can easily find out who unfollowed you so you can unfollow them

How to use this tool

Once you create a free account with the Twitter counter, go to your dashboard and start following people.


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