Your Mentor May not be Helping Your Career

Your Mentor May not be Helping Your Career

Mentors are an essential component of any development strategy. Great mentors prepare us for the next level by teaching, challenging, offering perceptions, and sharing stories. However, many of them assume that their mentor is also their sponsor. This is not mandatory. 

Mentors-Prepare, Sponsors-Promote.

Our mentors help us to prepare for the next level. But whereas our sponsors put their name on our career and advocate us.


  • suggest your name for new opportunities
  • defend your decisions
  • speak up the loudest during succession planning discussions
  • invest their own political capital in your success

We will first realize the serious two-way responsibility of having a sponsor several years ago. A leader asked about me as a candidate for a prospective job. Then he called me, said

“Here’s the deal for u. I had already told them that you were a rock star. Here the main thing is that you have to apprehend this job. My name is now on this as like as yours. But you don’t screw it up.”

Taking my sponsor relationships very seriously is very important for me, whether being sponsored or sponsoring someone else.

“Using the term sponsoring it means that we focus on one specific function of mentoring, which may or may not be a part of a relationship and also sponsoring really it is a very targeted task. It has to figure out with fighting to get somebody a promotion, mention their name in an appointment meeting, and also making sure that the person we’re sponsoring also gets the next assignment, and gets visible and developmental assignments.” 


Having several mentor relationships which would help us on our road to finding a sponsor. In a while mentors at every level of business are very valuable; it also helps in having one or two people at a senior level looking out for our best interest. We can also attract the sponsors by the following:

  • By building a strong track-record of results
  • Working to deepen your mentoring relationships based on mutual support
  • Seek out special assignments and volunteer for more
  • Seeking out more opportunities to present at the senior levels
  • Mentoring and sponsoring others
  • By having an updated elevator speech

It is important in knowing that the mentor has changed to sponsor or not, in knowing this we can know that where we stand which could be valuable for us.


the following are advice for the leaders:

  • Focusing on our workand don’t worry about self promotion and pose. Always people will notice only the good results
  • Be awakeof very effective and ineffective behaviors. We have to recognize those we are exhibiting and adjust accordingly
  • Be a good listener. Sometimes silence can be a very effective thing especially in a argumentative situation. Where there is opportunity to speak, depend on facts and not emotions.
  • Go to where the problems are and find resolution. Do not sidestep them. People take notice of strength in tough situations.
  • Buildup a strong connected team. If we have to remote supervision, in this we have to maintain regular contact with our direct reports. We have to make sure that everyone knows what everyone is doing.
  • Demanding the teamwork. When direct reports don’t see eye to eye, we have to tell them that their appraisals would reflect lack of cooperation and teamwork. That is their job to resolve their difference.
  • Respect the positioneven though you may not respect the individual who occupies it. We can’t choose our boss. Everyone were working for jerks at some point in our careers. Which were learned from their mistakes.
  • Maintain balance in life.The job is not the end all of everything. We need to clear our head to get proper perspective. Family, hobbies, exercise, rest and faith. Job is just only one aspect of our life.


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