YouTube SEO Tips: How to Get #1 Ranking for YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google, it generates an estimated 89 billion page view each month which also provides huge traffic to different websites and blogs, they designed the site to let people share videos with the rest of the world.

Now get started about the YouTube SEO tips good ranking for YouTube videos.

Your video must be of that quality and relevancy.

Once you’ve done both the thing, you’ll rock.

These steps you can follow you definitely 1ranking for YouTube videos

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Create Perfect Video
  3. Video Optimization
  4. Channel Branding
  5. Video promotion
  6. Video Ranking

 1. Keyword Research

Keyword Research is extremely terminology and its plays vital role.

To find these keywords is looking into YouTube Suggestions.  Most of the views come from this suggestion, as viewers end up clicking one of this suggestions because of they too lazy to type in the complete keyword.

Hence you need to find perfect keywords for your video to get maximum views and 1st place ranking

Video Keywords: Typical Keywords, we search some Keyword in a search engine like Google you get videos in search results, more than simply written content.

Keyword starts with some words. For example, Keywords starting with “How to”- Reviews, Tutorials and Keyword with the word “Video”- songs/movies, Watch. You may be required to inspect every single keyword in Google to find whether it is actually a video keyword or not.

Google Trends: predict user’s intention before starting any type of SEO or internet marketing work.  Finding user’s intention of a keyword is more important looking for its search volume, it is known by all SEOS.

 2. Create a perfect video:

Creating a successful you tube video.

The video is short and to the point. Try to keep your videos less than three minutes in length. First few seconds of the video, what the video is about and offers are quickly and clearly explained to the viewer.

  • The video near the very beginning, and then repeated several times within the video, including near the very end.
  • Statements by the people featured in your video, titles/captions, and/or annotations or links embedded the video itself.
  • The content of the video is somehow unique and tries from the other videos on YouTube.
  • The video is professional-looking, good production quality and offers good quality sound, and uses some type of background music.
  • The viewer doesn’t have to wait too long to receive. For example, animated shots or scene transitions are not overused, and the background music is set at a proper level

3. Video Optimization

 These are very simple things which need to be done of video optimization.

Video title: YouTube to check what your video is all about is the title of your video. Try to use attractive

Video Description:

YouTube can’t see what’s inside your Video.

For the better understanding of video and its content add some external links to websites and social profiles. In the description, is also important Write at least 200 words of unique & descriptive explanation, this can help you to get your Video Featured in “YouTube Suggested Videos”.

This should be your video communication with the search engine.

Video Tags:

These are relevancy signals for YouTube. And remember, mentioned earlier that relevancy while creating perfect video for YouTube.

Wouldn’t it be crazy that you upload a video and ask YouTube?

They are used for Classification.

Own tags: Simple! Your main keyword in the search box, it will show you long tail keywords.

You can also use my (“_”) sign trick for more suggestion.

By doing this you’ll have some good amount of tags related your video.

Competitor’s tags:  Tags are not copyrighted. It is more like spying than stealing.

Here is the quick walk through:

  1. Install Tube BuddyChrome Extension.
  2. Type your main keyword into YouTube search.
  3. Click on top 5 ranked videos
  4. Click “tags” in Tube Buddy to view competitor tags
  5. Copy and paste these into your video’s tag place.

    4. Channel branding:

Don’t create a YouTube channel, Create Brand. Hard work plays a vital role even if you have a lack of interest. You have to focus on developing a YouTube Brand.

Set up your content Focus: Well there are multi-category brands as there are always some exceptions. You can think of something like a clothing brand, as an example.

Keep on making awesome videos on your topic by working hard and by making a deep search.

Develop Fan Following: Keep your fans engaged and give them a value.

You can also do that easily by:

  • Developing topical relation with your fans
  • Responding them in comments, Extending outstanding support with your videos
  • Accepting compliments and critics to improve the quality of your channel

Brand Icon Recognition: Give it a name and then do following:

  • Use a profile picture on your channel, and its attractive logo get a unique
  • Use a channel art on your channel
  • Link your channel with your relevant blog and social media accounts

5. Video Promotion

Well, YouTube SEO is incomplete without Video Promotion. It is really important.

Just consider it and plan your video promotions even before posting on YouTube. As soon as you start promotions, it becomes a ranking signal for your video

Facebook Pages & Groups: You can promote your videos on Facebook Pages & Groups.

Reddit Gives You Premium Viewers: This is something HUG. the social network, full of people from Premium Countries like the USA. You know the value of traffic from the US.

You just need to increase your Reddit Link Karma and then post your videos in Sub-Reddit. Sub-Reddit is  like a Facebook Group. You’ll get very good traffic from Reddit.

 Google+ gives a traffic boost

Oh Yeah! Google+ is a very good source to get traffic.

You need to find related Google plus Communities and post your video link and care to avoid spamming.

6. Video Ranking

Link building of our videos just like we do off page SEO of our web page “YouTube off Page SEO”. And how you can build links for your videos?

 Web 2.0 Video Embedding: This method is used to videos and it really works. You just need to create a web 2.0, then do a post and embed your video there. Isn’t it butter’s bite?

One of the most important ranking factors in YouTube algorithm IS YouTube video.

 Forum Commenting: Just like we use to do Blog Commenting for SEO, we can do forum commenting to rank our YouTube Videos.

Video Embeds By Outreach: But first, let me tell you “Who are Video Embed-ders?”

These are the people who have published content related to your video, on their websites.

This is the best way to get contextual video embedded links.


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