12 of the Best Android Apps You Can Beta Test Today

12 of the Best Android Apps You Can Beta Test Today

What is Android?

Android is a mobile operating system. Android is urbanized by Google, based on the Linux kernel and designed above all for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. And later the OHA (Open Handset Alliance). Java language is mainly used to write the Android code even though other languages can be used.

This is a software package and Linux based in the service system for mobile devices such as tablet computers and smartphones. The goal of the android project is to create a successful real-world product that improves the mobile experience for end users. There are a lot of code names of Android such as Lollipop, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Ice cream Sandwich, Froyo, Eclair, and Donut etc which is covered on next page.


Android is a Linux based operating system it is intended primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. The operating systems have urbanized a lot in last 15 years starting from black and white phones to latest smartphones or minicomputers. One of the most generally used mobile OS   these days is an android.  The android is software that was founded in Palo Alto of California in 2003.

How to become a beta tester?

The beta testing is now accessible for the group of people to download and experience the issues as well as the good superiority features of the Android application; you can also give straight feedback to the developers which will help them improve the application.

If you download the beta version of the application you be familiar with how to experience the beta version and test it. It is provided to the public so that they can provide their experience and changes can be done according to it. The beta applications can be different from one app to another. A beta programmer then you can see the “beta” option along with the titles while probing the apps in the Play Store or inside the application.

A lot of us want to install the best android apps which do not only have improved performance but also allow us to use it efficiently. That is why the beta apps are launched in the advertising which allows you to have a better version of the mobile apps

How to find the beta apps for Android?

Google has launched the easier technique to downward the beta version of the apps and installs it instantly.

  1. Go to play store.
  2. Select My apps and Games in the app many
  3. Then you can select the app you want.
  4. Now scroll down and check the ease of use of bets testing.
  5. You can see the choice of attractive a beta tester and enrol in giving them feedback.
  6. Download the beta version for beta testing.

12 best Beta Android apps?

Each and every one is using these apps for a long time but we don’t know that these apps are in addition accessible in the beta version which we can download and use. These android apps are accessible at app store in beta version.

  1. Facebook
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Uber
  4. Google
  5. WhatsApp
  6. Instagram
  7. Snapchat
  8. Google Maps
  9. Dropbox
  10. Here WeGo
  11. eBay
  12. Tumblr

1. Facebook:

If you want to download the beta version of the Facebook you can download it from the Google Play or Play Store on your mobile.

2. Facebook Messenger:

We can utilize the regular version as well as the beta version which is accessible at the Play store for free.

3. Uber:

Uber is as well available in the beta version. We can download the app and start the insect hunting now. The Uber app is one of the mainly downloaded and used apps that are why programmers want it to be as simple and well-organized as it can.

4. Google:

Google requirements their app to be very ideal and for removing bugs they have launched the beta version so that they can effortlessly recognize the issues in the Android app.

5. Whatsapp:

Who doesn’t use Whatsapp? Following the introduction of video calling and stories, the android users are using Whatsapp more and more. That is why it is also accessible in the beta version of the programmers to recognize the issues in it.

6. Instagram:

The users and attractiveness of Instagram are growing day by day, therefore, the programmers want it to be bug-free, and therefore it is also accessible in beta version on Play Store.

7. Snapchat:

Public these days are passionate about the Snapchat and its filters. Although the foreword of stories on Messenger and Whatsapp started the alike feature nothing beats the Snapchat that is why its beta version is also accessible on the Play Store.

8. Google Map:

Google Map is one of the most and top apps used for locating the places that is why many people use it every day. The Google Map is also accessible in beta version.

9. Dropbox:

The Dropbox is an extremely useful app and many people are using this app for transferring and securing the data. That is why these app requirements to be bug-free to help the users have improved experience.

10. Here WeGo:

This Here WeGo app is also available on the beta version on Play Store.

11. eBay:

eBay has an improved shopping experience this app is accessible in a beta version to eliminate as many bugs as probable for the programmers.

12. Tumblr:

This Tumblr app is also available in the beta version at the Play Store.

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