5 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized

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Do you think that your SEO analysts and providers are on the verge of getting your site penalized? If you think they are trying inefficient and dumb tactics to get good rankings, then you need to switch gears fast!

Many online businesses usually let the SEO services handle the entire thing independently. First things first, when it comes to SEO, staying updated with the latest Google algorithm and keeping up with the best strategies is very important. Having an awesome internet package such as Optimum Internet Price and plans doesn’t mean you follow every other ranking strategy that you find online. You need to analyze the effectiveness of each SEO strategy and then put it to practice.

If you have never experienced a Google penalty, let us enlighten you that it is an experience like none other. Your heart stops beating, you are short of breath, and you wonder while staring at your screen that what went wrong. And it’s a nightmare when prospective clients start looking your site up on Google, only to find that you are penalized. You don’t want to kiss your hard-earned reputation goodbye like this!

For your ease, we are going to discuss five lame SEO tactics, which can actually get your site penalized. Let’s know them:

  1. Linking to the Homepage
  2. Manipulating Links
  3. Linking Farms & Wheels
  4. Linking to Penalized Sites
  5. Purchasing Links

Let’s know them in detail.

Linking to the Homepage

Although, there is nothing wrong with including the homepage links to you back-linking strategies. But, it has to be done the right way. If you still think that acquiring more links to your site’s homepage will help you rank higher, you probably still live in the year 2005. Remember, Good ranks pages and not websites. You need to link to unique, quality content within your site and not to the homepage.

If you have hired SEO services, know that they are doing things wrong if they linking your homepage to the exact match keyword. Homepage linking is only fine if done naturally. For instance, if homepage links are branded.

Manipulating Links


Using black hat SEO tactics is a big NO NO. Know that most SEO service providers use them and manipulate links to their client’s site. Some of the most prevalent and common manipulations in this regard include link wheel, link network, link farm, link scheme, and so on. The practice of any of these tactics can lead to a Google penalty.

There is no doubt that you can ensure quality links using these strategies. But according to Google, these strategies are reckoned as violations to the basic SEO regulations. Refrain from them to avoid the penalty.

Linking Farms & Wheels

As mentioned already, both these practices are included in manipulative linking. A link farm involves a series of sites, which are set up conveniently by the SEO providers in order to create backlinks. Usually, they use forums like Blogger or WordPress, which don’t have much value. They are only used to manipulate the search results.

A link wheel involves backlinking to your site via cash articles. There’s a loop involved. The cash articles are linked to various cash sites, which in turn are further linked with more cash articles. You can see that the repetition is evident and that’s why it is called a wheel.

Both these strategies violate the core SEO regulations and result in penalties.

Linking to Penalized Sites

It’s a bad bad idea to get a link from a sandboxed/penalized site by Google. Google has penalized them for a reason and getting links from them will give you no good. Always make sure that you get links from the sites, which are trusted by Google. Because at the end of the day, all you need is ranking. And you can never rank higher if you are getting links from penalized sites. Instances of trusted sites are Moz, Pixelgroove, and so on.

It would be a good practice to get your hands on the complete list of penalized sites. You can keep a check to the linked sites independently.

Purchasing Links

Never ever buy links. Period. Purchasing links is a complete violation of the policies declared by Google. Know that it is one of the top reasons for sites to be sandboxed. Only natural linking is encouraged and if you follow valid and smart link-acquisition tactics, you can do it.

Get to know more about the white-hat methods for link building. One thing that they include essentially is outreach. You need to get better with it via valid and effective SEO strategies.

So, if you are an online entrepreneur, get in touch with your SEO service provider to know about their strategies and practices. Trusting them blindly is not an option. It’s just like getting in touch with your Windstream Customer Service Number in order to ask about something basic. Ask questions, stay involved with the SEO process. You’ll yield better results that way!


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