5 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions In Baltimore

baltimore tourist attractionsbaltimore tourist attractions

Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, is a sheer visual delight! It is a perfect vacation spot considering its charm and beauty. From a glitzy nightlife to family-friendly museums to appetizing restaurants, Baltimore has it all.

Nestled are art galleries and exquisite historic sites which will surely leave the visitors enthralled. No one goes unsatisfied from here. In fact, most visitors even consider moving to Baltimore.

For you to easily draw your itinerary and to make your trip a pleasant experience, we have short-listed a total of five breath-taking spots to explore. So fasten up your seatbelts folks! Remember, if you were planning a travel break or a family vacation, this is the right time.

The Inner Harbor

This is an area where the tourists could spend several days without being bored at all. The historic vessels are the fulcrum of this spot and are open for tourists. The oldest of all is the sloop-of-war USS Constellation, which was at the front back in the Civil War.

One can even tour the submarine USS Torsk, a US Coast Guard Cutter, as well as the Lightship Chesapeake.

The Harbor place is a modern complex with a historic touch serving both as a shopping center and market as well as open spaces.

Moreover, Baltimore is a city with a waterfront and to make the most of the city it is only wise to stay downtown near the inner harbor. It is feasible as all the attractions are easily accessible.

The Fell’s Point

It is a historic spot which has been beautifully and seamlessly restored. Earlier, it was a shipbuilding district of Baltimore. Also, it used to serves as an entertainment spot for the seamen back when you walk down the memory lane.

As for now, the Fell Point is home to mouth-watering restaurants, cozy cafes, and shops contributing to its importance as a place to have meet-ups.

The effervescent market buildings incorporate stalls which sells delicious local cuisine. And it is water taxis which connect Fell’s point to the inner harbor.

Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine

The Fort McHenry, built between 1798 and 1803 holds quite an importance historically. It managed to withstand the 24-hour bombardment during the battle of Baltimore at the hands of the Britons. This is how Baltimore was saved from being invaded and till date is the center of the attention for tourists.

The Walters Art Gallery

This is by far the most unique museum one would ever come across amongst all the other excellent museums Baltimore has. It is located in Mount Vernon Cultural District and garners the most number of visitors.

The highlight of this museum is its fine collection of ivories, jewellery, enamels, and bronzes, and a reserve of illuminated manuscripts as well as a collection of rare books. Other than this, it is widely known for its interesting approach of organizing activities like treasure hunts to engage the children.

An interesting thing to note here is that the museum artifacts are well-preserved.

The National Aquarium

If there is one spot which a tourist must visit is the national aquarium. It encompasses a Tropical Rain Forest where exotic species of animals are an inhabitant, such as frogs, monkeys, sloths, and other larger mammals. In addition to this, it also has an Atlantic Coral Reef Exhibit where visitors could meet sharks and dolphins.

The children would surely enjoy a place like this, so just make sure you have it on your to-do list.

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