50 Common Mistakes That Can Trigger A Startup Failure

Following are the points that I learnt over a time about startup failure.

Startups can avoid a certain failure by following these steps,  If you are starting a startup keep in mind of these valuable points

You would surely prefer to learn from these people’s mistakes. Read them understand them but never get into them, – see how and why few startups get fail …

  • Started too big to focus / No proper focus on startup.
  • You tried to sell rocks / No market need
  • Product without proper business model
  • Didn’t hire a great team / No innovation team
  • You are too rude to your team
  • Hired too quick
  • Didn’t understand your business problem solving statement
  • Fully relied on employees
  • Did mass-fire people
  • Bad decision making
  • Mistiming your product
  • Improper execution plan
  • Misinterpreting the Market
  • You tried selling Meat in a Fish market
  • Poor business strategy
  • Poor Marketing Strategy
  • Never understood your income source from your business
  • Your never analyzed the gap of success and failure in your business
  • Took unnecessary Loans
  • Failed  in understanding your business problem solving statement and its actions
  • Ignored your customer talk
  • Lack of Involvement
  • Lack of Passion
  • Change of plan too quick
  • Invested on unnecessary
  • Product pricing imbalance
  • You are too slow to take decision
  • Listen to the bad Advice
  • Disharmony to the Investors
  • Never experimented.
  • Made too many Assumptions
  • Day dreamed
  • Get Outcompeted
  • Lack of Adequate support
  • Didn’t have proper auditing process
  • Encouraged office politics
  • Paid for business from own pocket to keep running
  • Didn’t use network
  • Lack of Entrepreneurial knowledge
  • Neglected or Misunderstood the strength of Competitor
  • Can’t handle uncertainty of the Market
  • Failure to the Pivot
  • Legal challenges and issues

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