7 Ways to Convince Your Readers to Stay Longer on Your Blog

Ways to Convince Your Readers to Stay Longer on Your Blog

If you ever wondered how blogs keep their readers engaged, then it means you’re struggling to engage your readers. It’s hard to believe that you can increase your customers and subscribers without increasing your blog visitors.

Let’s admit.

We want more readers on our blogs.

The next thing will bluster your mind…

Do you know you have had so many chances to keep readers abreast on your blog?

Ah… You kept on missing!

But, not anymore. It’s a promise.


The purpose of this article is to help bloggers, small businesses, and online marketers in making their blog and website visitors more betrothed.

In this article, you’ll find out how to keep your blog reader unavailable and busy on your blog. The more your readers keep exploring pleased, the better. That being said, you’ll also find out the strategy to bring the readers back to your blog.

The smart online marketers might not keep on roughly the content or displaying the pop-ups to engage the readers…

In fact, they will set up a roadmap to bring the readers back to their blogs.

We will find out how they do this.

Before that, it’s necessary to understand the basics of convincing the readers to keep sticking to your blog. Therefore, I decided to share three important elements of readers commitment which are essential to know prior to the achievement of such engagement strategies:

Do not force your readers to do a certain thing. Some of the bloggers go a little violent in the list building, and they use such plugins that don’t let you continue without signing up. The readers get irritated with such things and immediately leave the site. Avoid that

Do not lock your content. This is getting popularity, however, professional bloggers and content marketers don’t use content locking plugins or scripts. The content locking plugin or script allows you to check the content after sharing on the social media. It’s a bit unethical. People share on the social media what they want to share.

Do not use pop-ups or advertisements bombardment. Pop ups and advertisement banners are an important part of the online marketing strategy, but the overuse might cause you trouble. Not only will readers hate such popup and ads bombardment but also search engines will dislike that.

1.Share Stories with your Readers:

People love stories. It’s a fact. Why don’t you find the motivational and breathtaking stories to share?

Top bloggers and content marketers do this to engage their audience.

Not only do they share others’ stories, but also share their own.

People might not be interested in your point of view, but they could listen to you if you’re sharing an knowledge or accident.

Have you seen the blog posts with a past experience or a story?

2.Friendly Layout and Interface:

In the bid to keep your blog readers affianced on your blog, you have to have a nice, stylish, and satisfying blog design. Not only does it keep the readers happy, but it also helps in getting more page views.

When readers feel comfortable with everything in place. They like to explore things.

The clear menu, categories, and clean layout — all these things persuade the readers to keep inspection the content.

3 Elements of a Website Layout Selection:

      1.User-experience: In order to keep the readers on board, you have to give  the best experience. From                  loading to level surfing, a website needs to provide the whole thing possible for better user-experience

  1. A/B Testing: It’s a process of  testing and comparing two models to find               to find out which one brings the better results. Normally in online marketing, A/B testing is done for recording the conversion rate or visitors’ engagement
  2. Responsiveness: The responsiveness is the most important element of a website layout. In today’s world, if you don’t have a mobile-friendly and responsive website, it means you’re going to miss a lot of opportunities to get one step closer to your audience.

3.Solve Problems:

The solutions in your content could be the most important thing which will stop people from leaving your blog.

Why would they stop reading if you’re solving their problem?

The best way to maximize such appointment on your blog is by creating how-to guide pleased. In this way, you’ll be helping a number of people who are looking for similar solutions.

When you want readers to attach with your blog, you have to do the following things at any cost:

Identify your audience

Create helpful content

Give more

Answer the quier

4.Share Tools and Resources:

You have to admit that sharing great tools, websites, and resources make   readers fall in love with your content and blog. It’s a proven thing that readers love relevant tools…

For instance, a reader is reading your article related to ‘getting more affiliate marketing sales’ — then, it is pretty much sure that he/she really needs affiliate marketing sales…

Why would someone be reading your article if it is not relevant?

Sharing of tools in your content gives you a number of benefits:

More utility for the audience

Knowledge sharing

Spreading the word

Delivery of value

The biggest benefit of sharing the tools is that people pay attention… They know that those tools are helping you in getting your work done… and somehow play a role in your success.

5. Do Internal linking:

You may have so many strategy to keep your visitors and readers on your blog. They might have subscribe to your blog to keep coming back…

But internal linking is something that is more than essential.


It helps the readers in finding the relevant content

It reduces the early EXIT of the readers

It keeps the search engines bots busy on your blog

It helps you to put your old content in front of the readers

6. Offer Free Downloads:

Free downloads such as checklists, e-books, templates, and the tutorials help bloggers to engage the listeners as well as persuade them to participate in the process.

The best thing about free downloads is that there is no string friendly to such downloads.

Readers know this. And, they love it.

When they download it, it extend their association with the blog to the next level.

Because they’re getting something without doing anything for the blog.

Blogs WIN the dedicated readers and subscribers on keep doing this practice.

 7.Add Examples:

This is legit. People love examples. You got to add more examples in your content because they work as a proof of your viewpoint. When you add an example, it shows that someone has previously done the similar thing which you’re referring to.

Not only does it increase your authority, but also helps the readers to understand your point.

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