A Pain Management Doctor GA Treat Fibromyalgia?

When talking about conditions like fibromyalgia, this is quite a confusing and difficult diagnosis for specialists. Before the diagnosis, the people you consult will always prefer to send you to immunologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists. The specialists you visit will all give you different options for treatment after they diagnose your condition. With the different medications, some of the treatment options will fail, and some may even work (but temporarily). Before you consult a pain management doctor GA, it is best that you understand this medical condition first and know the treatment procedure.

Fibromyalgia: The truth is that fibromyalgia actually has many definitions, but the common definition is the widespread hypersensitivity of the body to normal touch and daily activities. According to the latest research, this condition causes immense sensitivity in the nervous system, which all starts in the brain. It leads to chronic and widespread pain in the joints, muscles, and the tendons along with tiredness, and the urge to sleep due to constant fatigue. In some cases, this pain also leads to irritable bowel syndrome.

Based on research about 90% of people all over the United States, encounter this problem, relating to abnormal sleep patterns. When patients experience this problem, they prefer to choose physical pain management as the best treatment option.

The Common Causes

When it comes to problems like fibromyalgia, you should know there is no particular cause of it, but these symptoms usually develop after physical trauma or emotional trauma. Furthermore, genetics and infections also lead to the pain. Often, people believe the central sensitization process is the major reason behind this painful symptom.

This problem also triggers sensitivity in the brain and releases pain signals. Research also reveals that people with fibromyalgia have different nerves chemicals. Sometimes, serotonin is the other chemical the goes less in this condition. Repeated stimulation will lead to brain changes and it slows the pain signals. These often lead to pain and the patients feel over-reactive to the signals of pain.

Pain Management for Fibromyalgia

If you battle with constant pain, then you should know there is no particular reason for you to believe that you have to live with the pain. Yes, there are ways through which you can find relief from the fibromyalgia, which should tackle your fatigue problem. The best approach for you is to consider Kroll Care physical therapy. The job of a therapist includes using their knowledge and expertise to determine the best way to manage the symptoms. To decrease the symptoms, the specialist will use hand manipulations and other techniques to ensure you seek relief from the pain. The therapist will:

  • Guide you on how you can pace yourself to be able to manage other activities without worrying about the pain flaring up
  • Ensure they develop a suitable exercise routine for you, which should manage the recovery process. Since our body consists of several joints, the right management processes will restore chemical balances in the body and decrease the sensitivity levels in your body. The role of a physical therapist will be to help you determine the best exercise mode that is ideal for your body
  • Educate you on neuroscience, to help you with a better understanding of the pain. The better you understand the pain, the better you will be able to take care of your pain.

Are There Any Risk Factors With Fibromyalgia?

Based on research, there are several women are often susceptible to the fibromyalgia condition, and those people who have an old family history with rheumatic diseases like lupus, and arthritis are also prone to it.

The Diagnosis and Treatment

To be able to diagnose the condition, the person that experiences the pain spreading will end up adjusting to it for at least three months, with some tender points. Blood tests will rule out the possible sensitive points. These tests will also rule out any other similar symptoms that are affecting patients. If patients end up ignoring this, the diagnosis of the condition will be quite hard to detect at first.

When it comes to the treatment, several options are available. Experienced doctors will be able to suggest the best pain management options. However, some of the other common options in terms of treatment t include biofeedback, acupuncture, trigger point injection, myofascial release, massage therapy, medication management, pain psychology, and others.

When you consult a pain management doctor GA, they will be able to guide you on the best options for the treatment. For some conditions like fibromyalgia, the experts will then give you information on the best options available. When they investigate the intensity of the condition, they will then give you a good plan. No matter the pain intensity, you can consult therapists for the best treatment plans.


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