Amazon Associates Tips: Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon Associates Tips: Make Money with Amazon Affiliate Program

If you want to make money with Amazon Associates then this post exclusively for you

Amazon associate is one of the oldest and most popular affiliate systems. Amazon Associates is first who launched the affiliate marketing program on 1996.

If you are into the blogging you will have awareness about the how trusted brand Amazon is. If you are making sales from your blog it is sure that you receive payments from Amazon every month without any failure. If you decent amount of traffic to your blog it quite sure could able to make a decent income from Amazon associates each and every month.

Amazon associate tips and best practices:

Refer products with low prices to increase volume every month of increasing the overall commission from the Amazon Associates. Let me explain this with an example:

Amazon gives 4% commission if you sell the products from the range 1 to 6 from associate each month. If you sell high priced products you cannot make more than 5 sales each month if you are a beginner. So you will not earn more than 4% from the sale of each product. Here is the percentage referral given by the Amazon Associates

If you are selling five cheap products and 2 high price products then you could earn the average commission of 6%

Write product reviews:

A  sure way to increase the earnings from the Amazon Associates is to write reviews about the products that you are promoting. Reviews for the product should be unbiased and in such manner, that reader could better understand about the product.

If you could able explain the benefits of the product you promote, they will engage you. If you make them see value in your products your Amazon associates income will increase. Before promoting the product with product reviews make sure to test out the products.

You can ask for the product demo from the product manufacturers of the Amazon Associates. In this manner, you will not only get a free copy but also you can share the advantages and disadvantages of the products from product reviews. this will give you a chance in converting the readers to buyers and gives and aid in boosting your Amazon affiliate sales.

Smart linking to the products:

Contextual linking is the best way most bloggers make money from Amazon associates. While giving product suggestion to your readers or writing product reviews, make sure to use words like “click here to check out the easiest tool to solve your problems” etc to increase click through rates.

If you are able to convince to click on Amazon links, even if they buy other products the sale is counted and the commission will be sent to you within 24 hours.

If you are using the Amazon associate images of the particular products make sure that are clickable image links and also make sure that all affiliate links open in new tabs.

Use promos to skyrocket your sale:

One of the simplest ways to increase your Amazon affiliate sales is to promote your product by offering product promos.Almost every product manufacturer gives away their stuff for a discount of 50% to80% during holidays on Amazon affiliate.

If you could able to promote the products the right way during these holidays, your readers will not only get a product they love for a high discount but also your sales will increase.

Final thoughts about Amazon associate tips and best practices

Making money from the Amazon Associates is similar to making money from any other affiliate marketing but the difference is that your payment commission largely depends on the number of sales you make every month.

So if f you to get a higher average commission start selling the cheaper products quickly and refer high priced well to increase your average commission sales.

Give better recommendations to your blog audience in order to increase Amazon Associates sales. Instead of making a blog an ad place.

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