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Artificial Intelligence chatbot is the technology that is used for building cognitive, systems by means natural language processing[NLP] these machines engage in meaningful conversations with other machines or even with humans.

From the research I did, these days many chatbots are NLP trained on Intent based conversation along with different datasets to accomplish certain tasks. Therefore, chatbots are more conversational and capable than before.

Not just that!

AI based Chatbots are conversational matured and can operate with many people easily.

In today’s modern world AI techniques have become compulsory and essential part of the technology industry.

AI-based tools helping the industry in solving many challenging problems in computer science and software engineering. In the coming future the use of Cognitive Intelligence and Artificial intelligence likely to grow.

This section will help you in understanding the Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning concepts and also building chatbot using Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

The key takeaway points are

  • What is AI ML & Chatbot
  • Benefits of Chat Bot
  • Why do we need Chat Bot
  • The rise of Chat Bot
  • User Acceptance
  • ChatBot Applications
  • ChatBot Types
  • AI Chatbot Architecture
  • AI Chatbot Technology stack
  • Training the Chat Bot

Basically “Artificial intelligence” systems are based on “cognitive” functions, by using these functions human can associate with another human like minds, for the problem solving.t

What is a Chat Bot?

A chatbot is a conversational agent that interacts with the users using natural language.

Chatbots offer a conversational experience using artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to mimic conversations with real people.

NLP based Chatbots has great success rate when people attempt to have more elaborate conversations with them.

These are intelligent applications learns from past interactions, and enables human like interaction. Alsohastremindoes success


Potential Benefits of Chat Bot

ChatBot are built with various features and benefits, few benefits in enterprise world are

  • 24  Hour Service
  • Getting an instant Response
  • Getting Answers to your Queries Quicker
  • Easy Communication
  • A Good Customer Experience
  • Customer Friendliness Approach
  • Detailed response
  • Ability to easy register a Complaint
  • Less Training Cost

Systems have evolved from mechanical computation & tabulation devices to intelligent systems that can emulate human cognition.

Artificial intelligence is making a strong footprint on user interaction with the systems example artificial intelligent chatbot,

AI chatbots can also take orders from humans, they are capable to completing a business transactional at different scenarious

Market forces driving the Chatbot opportunities

There are different factors driving Chatbot opportunities and developments at both the side of supply and demand drive the added value of Chatbot technology.


Chat Bot Towards User Acceptance

Due to improvements in Natural Language Processing, Chatbots are shifting from command-driven towards more intelligent, conversational driven ‘Virtual Assistants’, which are much better at determining context and user intent.


Evolution of Conversational
Artificial Intelligence [AI]

Chatbots are like apps that users interact with in a conversational way, through text or speech. As technology advances, Chatbots are able to better understand both written and spoken text.

A Chatbot may be as simple as basic pattern matching with a response, or it may be a sophisticated weaving of artificial intelligence techniques with complex conversational state tracking and integration into existing business services.


Chatbots with different levels of Artificial Intelligence

There is no clear separation between Chatbots and Virtual agents, as they operate within a large range of complexity in both dialog and processes.

Both the sides of the spectrum have valuable applications. Below are two examples of applications of different complexity and intelligence.

Chatbots come in various degrees of intelligence and range from answering questions to having the full capabilities of a service employee. The right level of intelligence should be picked depending on the use case.

Artificial Intelligence Chatbot applications

Chatbots have a broad range of applications; they help users with information requests, reservations or personalized tasks like ticket reservation or money transfer etc. Understanding Language & Context

The most prominent example for business transactional by using chatbots are

Booking online ticket reservation, Hotel booking etc.


AI ChatBot Architecture

Technology stack for AI based Chatbot :

Artificial Intelligence – AI [ NLP], Google Dialogflow, NodeJs. Custom UI chat window [Ajax],

google dialogflow ai chabot architecture

You can also use other technical stack as

IBM Watson, Azure AI Platforms as NLP there other Opensource NLP platforms available in the market you can check whichever you feel comfortable your go for it there is no limitation.

You can use api platform as python , c#, NodeJs Java its upto you again.

Understanding the Language & Context

Chatbots mimic different functions of the human brain.


Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Characteristics

There is a big variety in Chatbot development platforms. Below are a number of characteristics that should be taken into account when choosing the suitable platform to implement with your Chatbot.


Understanding the vendor landscape

A Chatbot is often built up from different components. There is a large landscape of vendors of frameworks, capability enhancers and messaging platforms that all provide slightly different functionalities. Some vendors provide all-in-one solutions.

When to use Chatbot? And How to use it?

There are a lot of aspects to consider when implementing a Chatbot. The large variety of vendors complicates this process further. It is important to find the Chatbot that fits your particular needs, which means you need to do research before implementing

Training the chatbot using Natural Language Processing [NLP]

Training a Chatbot or Virtual Agent is not so different from training a human employee: it requires time and investment. Retraining is required when processes or products change.

Chatbot offers many possibilities for different things, with some proper guidance, the end result can be quite Awesome.

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