Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO Understand The Difference

Black Hat SEO Vs White Hat SEO Understand The Difference

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process by using this we can optimize our website and we can generate traffic and generate search visibility process is nothing but rules and regulations. The search engine is one type of machine. Search engine determines their ranking through proprietary algorithms that are secret and closely careful. The difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO relates to what techniques are used when applying these principles.

Black hat and white hat is most important techniques in search engine optimization (SEO) White hat SEO refers to safe and authorized search engine optimization technique that follows with Google webmaster guidelines. They follow with search engine result page. Black hat SEO refers to attempts to improve rankings in a way that are not approved by the search engine and involve deception. They go against current search engine guidelines.

Following Are The Difference Between Black Hat SEO And White Hat SEO:

There is always a good way or bad way of doing or implementing any technique, same is with SEO techniques also. There are certain criteria, parameters and recommended trends which are followed internationally by SEO professionals and which are also adopted by all major search engines. The set of techniques which follow all these guidelines set by search engines is said to be white hat SEO techniques.

  1. Black Hat SEO:

Black hat SEO using software and this cannot follow SEO rules and regulations. And using this we can implement the search engine optimization. There are many techniques which can be called as black hat SEO techniques, which are not supported and should not be accepted by a responsible SEO professional. There are few of shortcuts and faulty measures which are considered as a bad way of applying SEO techniques.

  • Cloaking:

Cloaking is a search engine optimization technique in which the content presented to the search engines spider is different from that presented to the user’s browser. This is done by delivering content based on the IP address or the user agent HTTP header of the user requesting the page.

  • Meta Tag Stuffing:

Any SEO professional must keep in mind while writing meta tag keywords that it brings similarity with the contents provided in the said web page. Too much use of any particular keywords in Meta tags can also be called as Meta tag stuffing.

  • Keyword Stuffing:

There is always confusion over this debate, what percentage of keyword density is appropriate according to good SEO technique. There is no such fixed parameter for confirming this; however, 2-3% keyword density is performed by most SEO professionals. Using more than that, jut to create a deception for search engine bots is considered a wrong technique and commonly known as keyword stuffing.

  • Mirror Websites:

In this process, a person hosts multiple websites, but theoretically provide similar types of contents in each of them.

  • Page Hijacking:

Page hijacking is a technique, where someone creates a dummy and fake content which is served to crawler like the original one, but guides website users to some dirty and fraud websites.

  1. White Hat SEO:

White hat SEO using all SEO rules and regulations and we must add implement SEO manually. There are also certain methods which are highly recommended to follow to make your website search engine friendly. These techniques are called white hat SEO techniques and are helpful for the SEO professional to keep away from wrong methods of working.

  • Follow Search Engine Guidelines:

SEO techniques, without any doubt, are done for improving search engine performances of websites, which makes sure that website, achieves its objectives. But in achieving this target abide by the guidelines of the search engine, violating which may be very expensive at times. You can browse official Google webmaster guidelines.

  • Serve visitors:

White hat SEO technique clearly says that contents or images used in websites must be created for visitors and it should not be manipulated in a way to satisfy search engine needs or results. You must follow this simple golden rule to stay on the positive side.

  • Good Quality Content:

Contents are the main aspect of SEO techniques, which leaves negligible space for poor quality content. Any SEO professionals must use good quality content and content should be original, no grammar mistakes for search engine and visitors, which are informative and helpful for both. Check out attributes of the high-quality content.

  • Good Quality Web Pages:

Use good and best quality web pages. Group of good quality web pages protects that performance of website remains in a good condition, irrespective of the small changes in the algorithm of search engine process.

  • Non-Deception:

First and foremost aspect of white hat SEO technique is avoiding deception; you must provide original copies of your web site to both bots/crawlers and visitors.

Conclusion: above techniques are the most important of search engine techniques. Black hat and white hat SEO techniques are most important part of the search engine.

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