Can eating too much junk give you constipation ?

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Our bowels have different ‘emptying’ patterns. Some of us may poop thrice a day and there are people who end up skipping a day or two. It is alarming when you are ‘pooping’ just twice a week. Moreover, it is even more troublesome in case the stool you pass is pellet shaped and it literally hurts when you try to pass it. This is then what we all call constipation. To sum it up, fewer bowel movements a week, small, hard and dry stool beside the strain whilst trying to pass the stool denote constipation.

As horrifying as it sounds, let us break it to you that it is easy to prevent and treat constipation in case it knocks at your door. Bloating and gas are symptoms that may accompany constipation. There is absolutely nothing to worry about if you know the causes which lead to this condition.

What Causes Constipation in the First Place?

Before we look out for the ways to prevent this condition, let’s begin by trying to trace out the causes.

First, put everything aside and thoroughly inspect your diet. This is where the root cause lays, my friend.

If the amount of junk food you consume is at a greater level, then you need to do something about it. Too much junk can be hazardous to your health and this leads to constipation.

The burgers and fries whose mere sight makes your mouth all watery contribute heavily in constipation. And that is because it has a high level of fat and a low amount of fiber while your body asks for the opposite. Besides this, there is absolutely nothing new about the fact that fast food has no nutritional value to offer.

Those mindless snacking can also take your health down the drain. Especially, binging on those potato chips is a big no when you are trying to get rid of constipation. Again, they have lots of fat and little fiber which makes the digestion slow.

Instead of relying on junk food items, the best you could do is indulging yourself in raw veggies for that crunch you get from those potato chips. It is healthy and tasty too. And as to satisfy your junk cravings, look out for healthy options. Try a nice lean ground turkey patty or even a veggie patty would work. Put it in a whole grain wheat bun, pop on your favorite sauces coupled with lettuce, onion, or jalapenos and Voila, eat your heart out. Instead of potato French fries, we recommend you to try sweet potato ones. They are loaded with fiber and are super loaded with other nutritional benefits. It can help prevent constipation and literally can prove to be a game changer. Make sure you leave the skin on because this is where most nutrition lies.

Other than this, one must avoid processed and frozen food items. Besides being high in fat, they contain quite an amount of salt too. Try munching on fruits and vegetables in their whole raw form as it is the only way you can have your body exposed to maximum nutrition. Also, make it a point to drink a lot of water to help keep the digestive system functioning normally. Ideally, an individual should and must drink about six to eight glasses of water per day.

Taking it further than the junk food, it is dairy products which need to be kept at a distance. Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, or ice cream can break havoc within your body. Basically, the lactose in dairy products can lead to constipation. The lactose can lead up to bloating and increased gas which later metamorphoses into constipation if not treated in due time.

Therefore, it is highly important to cut down on dairy if you want constipation to bid you farewell. Start by quitting those pizzas loaded with cheese and the rest of it will get easy for you. We can bet!

Do You Consume Enough Fiber?

Replace your full of junk diet with fiber-rich foods and thank us later. You will, for sure, see a noticeable difference in your health.

Incorporate beans in your diet as they are rich in both soluble and insoluble fiber. The presence of fiber keeps the food moving through intestines smoothly. Also, eating popcorns can solve the problem of constipation as it is a high-fiber snack. But it is air-popped popcorns we are talking about not those you find at movie theaters or the ones loaded with butter or cheese.

If the change in your diet and lifestyle is not helping you at all in getting rid of the constipation bug, you must seek an expert’s advice. Speaking of prompt medical advice, consultation through a reliable telemedicine platform is a blessing. This consultation is carried out by secure means of communication devices, through both audio and video connections, typically on a mobile or a desktop computer.

You no longer have to bear those long commutes all the way to the clinic or hospital for something like constipation which can be treated even by a phone consultation from home. Telemedicine does exactly that! You can get yourself treated from the comfort of your home. Even patients living in a remote location can avail the opportunity and get themselves treated within the due time-frame.

Telemedicine not only helps them physically but also financially considering the fact that the fare costs get reduced since no traveling needs to be done. It is safe to call it an affordable and convenient option. Above all, it increases patient-specialists engagement which otherwise the patient would often have to drive to another state for. It truly has made things easier and health is now more prioritized which reinforces the use of telemedicine.

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