Career Opportunities and Salaries in 3D Animation & VFX Industry.

3d animation career

Remember the times our jaws were agape at fearsome dragons in a TV series, how spectacular Nemo is, some breathtaking video games and wondered how someone could create such eye-catching visuals?

Well, we all have. Animation industry has tread to a new era of success for the Media and Entertainment industry on our shores. Earlier, Indian artists would move to abroad to work in major Hollywood studios. But now, those major studios are flying to our land for their requirements. In case you are wondering how India is a growing hub for animation and VFX, read on.

3D Animation Career:

India has a huge number of reputed VFX and Animation course training institutes leading to an increasingly skilled workforce. It has been knowing by experts that labor costs in India are about a 10th of what they are in Hollywood. According to NASSCOM, the gaming industry in India is quite close to $890 million as there are over 100 game development organizations in India already. To top it all off, it is to understand that 3d animation career and VFX career are in a dire need of young, creative and enthusiastic workforce.

So, we are breaking down the different key positions that exist in the industry. Get ready to embrace:

3D Modeler: Three-dimensional(3D) artists create computer models of a particular object from all the angles. They are essential in all sorts of industries like game designing, media production, advertising, medical animation, and software firms.

Character Animator: Character animators develop characters and are responsible for every minute movement while narrating a story for either video games, television, movies, or mobile applications. They collaborate with sound engineers to make sure the movements are in harmony with the sound. They work in public relation firms, computer systems design entities, graphic design setups, advertising agencies, and many more.

Motion Graphics Artists: They are responsible for bringing life with visual effects, animation and other techniques to make the end product captivating. They should execute the ideas in innovative ways by combining audio, video, photography, animation etcetera. They work in various mediums of media such as internet, movies, signage, commercial ads, and movie trailers.

Storyboard Artists: A graphic organizer who develops the visual representation for backgrounds, facial expressions, and characters. They majorly work with advertising agencies, film production houses, directors, scriptwriters. This role is suitable for people who have a good understanding of layouts, composition, and sequential drawing and editing.

Composition Artists: These are responsible for the finishing touches to the project by detecting errors and developing appropriate composition strategies. They collaborate with lighting directors, FX, and composition artists to give that overall balanced look.

Apart from these, there are many other roles such as texture artists, lighting artists, rigging artists who add their own colors to obtain the final result.

The impact of VFX can be comprehended when the official trailer of the two-minute long trailer “Baahubali” was released on YouTube. It has garnered more than 60 lakh views and 3,50,000 likes. All the luxuriant landscapes, breathtaking battlefields, waterfalls, castles were made possible by 17 VFX studios with more than 600 artists. No wonder, one of the VFX studios hired for this job was Pixelloid, based out of Hyderabad. The rapid developments in the visual effects industry have opened doors for the trained visual effects artists and the birth of VFX course training institutes across India simultaneously.

So, here I am breaking down the different types of artists for whom the demand is skyrocketing in India:

Matchmove Artist: The lowdown of Matchmove is to translate and imitate the camera movements in live action shots and match them in 3D animation. The typical responsibility is to ensure that computer-generated graphics integrate well with the live-action footage to give a spectacular view to the audience.

Roto Artist: A roto artist plays an imperative task of tracing all areas of live action frames where computer graphics interact with the real image. This is often a git go moment for VFX professionals. Also, there is a great demand for roto artists today in the industry.

Compositors:Their responsibility is to ensure that the VFX shots and live action are intact to deliver a fine and dandy experience to the viewers.

Matte Painters:They create virtual magical backgrounds to enhance the real photographed plates. A matte painter has a creation in their hands. They should have technical proficiency in photography with an emphasis on depth, tone, color and light interaction.

Salaries in Animation & VFX Industry:

The typical notion encompassing the creative careers such as animators and VFX artists is that you simply do not make much money. Walking along with the passion and anticipating to roll in the dough would not go hand-in-hand. Just like all other industries, animation also has both entry-level jobs and the 3d animation course could result in a sizeable paycheck. 3d animation careers are some of the hottest art careers being sought

As a fresher, one can expect in and around Rs.30,000-50,000. With the adequate experience, there is a possibility to pocket a six-digit salary and many more in the line. Often freelancers are paid more but there is a caveat though. End of the day, the amount of pay solely depends on the expertise and experience of an individual.

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