Life Hacks

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“The opportunity to be yourself and discover your potential!” Parties, cool senior, best friends forever, late night meals and studies, and much more. College seems so much fun when you are starting off. Every student looks forward…

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Career Tips for College Students

In this new standard of Studying or an  Cheap Pandora Charms Canada Employment, the only thing you can keep count of is your confidence and your wisdom. To get successful in any field you not…

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Intelligence Vs Qualification

Qualified? No big deal!! CEO in Wipro. You’re qualified. Head chef in Taj. You’re qualified. Financial officer in Deloitt. You’re qualified. Scientist in ISRO. You’re qualified .And so on. But if you’re just these you…

smarter11 - Be Smarter to Do Better

Be Smarter to Do Better

To be smarter, it’s not necessary you should be a good looking persons. The person having good behavior, respect for others, versatile in nature, giving better performance in every field wherever they are said to…

Plan - How to Plan Your Plan

How to Plan Your Plan

Every one of us wants to achieve goals, but without making a proper plan it will not be possible. A proper plan is basically the sequence of steps which helps us to achieve our goals….

time management tips for students - Time Management Tips for Students

Time Management Tips for Students

A brilliant college student is someone who knows how to manage time which is one of the important resources. Time Management for Students is one of the most challenging and difficult aspects. With so much…

reinvent 620x465 - How to Reinvent Yourself

How to Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing  yourself  means starting a new and improved version of yourself that mean re reinventing yourself,  whether you want to change your personality, your career or your life style whatever it may be you want…