Dream Big. Work Hard. Stay Humble. The Story of Sriram Manoharan, MD of Contus


In 2008, Sriram Manoharan was facing a dilemma that most Indian young citizens hailing from middle revenue families face without unresponsiveness

“Should I stick to my regular well-paying job or quit and give wings to my dreams?”

He chose the last and in the process ended up giving wings to the dreams of millions of e-commerce store owners and hundreds of workers.

Today Sriram’s SMAC Company Contus is appreciated at 75 crores and is a favourite in digital transformation solutions.

Sriram Manoharan’s story as an industrialist is one that fascinates and inspires without fail. After all, his company Contus, which he founded all along with five of his friends, has effectively crossed the million dollar mark without any exterior funding!

At a time when anybody with an on a paper business plan was heading to Silicon Valley for venture funding, Sriram Manoharan and his associates stayed back in Chennai. The only capital they had was the insistence and the will to fight out all the odds rank between them and achievement

What is Contus?

“Contus is a SMAC company. SMAC stands for public, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. We have two workplaces; one in Sunnyvale, California and another in Guindy, Chennai. Our main services include sky-scraping end mobile and web applications for a positioning segment of clients

We have been unbeaten in developing and delivering mobile apps on all mobile OS platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Our consumer base is spread across 40+ countries. Since 2008 we have finished close to 1000+ projects, delivered 300+ apps, and served countless clients. We have also doubled our employees with whose efforts we were able to scale quickly

Why the Name Contus?

Contus in Greek is a long wood pierce It was used in early conflict and was used only by skilled warriors who could balance themselves on a speeding horse while using both the hands to exercise the spike. The name Contus indicates strength, force and agility.

Whom do you Consider to be Your Mentors?

I don’t have any mentors as such. I always let my instincts lead my way. Furthermore, It is impossible to slender down on the name of one person who has influenced me, because there are so many from whom I have learnt many things. And there was absolute support from all sides too. At Contus, our workers have always given us all the support needed to achieve success. I take this chance to thank them for their efforts in most important Contus to success.

How do you Define Success?

Being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me. Going to bed at night saying we’ve completed something superb. That’s what matters to me.” That’s success to me.

Word of Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs?

The entire world is celebrating entrepreneurship as a glamorous and flashy affair. Every day there is some news of a establish getting millions of undertaking capital financial support being taken over by tech giants and so on.

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