Elegant Themes Review: The Perfect In-Built SEO WordPress Themes

Elegant Themes Review: The Perfect In-Built SEO WordPress Themes

If you check most of the other WordPress themes out there, you will find out that it’s usually a pain in the ass when you want to customize your design. Except you’re a tech savvy, you can’t even add a common logo to your site without logging into your hosting panel and making a lot of changes.

But with Elegant themes (and the access to their ePanel), you will find it extremely easy to customize your site. You can make any changes you want without any coding skills. The purpose of this Elegant themes review post is to tell how simple it is for you to make any design related changes.

Have a look at the above screenshot and you will find out adding logos, favicon etc is really simple, all you need is a logo and upload it and you are done!

On Elegant themes review, you will also see things like:

  • Ad management
  • Layout settings
  • SEO
  • Integration and
  • Support Docs to help you easily access all the information related to using Elegant themes

Navigation Made Easy

This Elegant themes review won’t be useful if I don’t take about their SEO built-in features. We all know how important SEO is to build a profitable blog. If your design is not coded well with SEO, you will hate yourself later. Here’s where Elegant themes comes handy. It has built-in SEO options that help you easily modify your custom title, meta description, meta keywords, URL structures etc to improve overall SEO of your site.

Elegant Themes Look Gorgeous

They are known for developing beautiful WordPress premium themes. They look elegant, simple and professional. They have a huge collection of 87 themes which are divided into several niches ranging from eCommerce, news sites to portfolio blogs.

Theme functionality is the reason why any theme developer or framework gets more downloads. When it comes to theme functionality, nothing beats Elegant themes design functionality. They have an awesome framework that comes with the widget-ready sidebar, custom thumbnail images, easy to navigate search bar and gravatar ready in addition to many other features.

Did you know they have 10 different categories of themes you could choose from? In this detailed review, here I’ve enlisted all of them.

  • App
  • Blog
  • Business
  • Personal
  • Portfolio
  • Responsive
  • Tumblog
  • eCommerce
  • Magazine
  • Multimedia

Interestingly, most of the themes come with many layouts so you can choose the best layout according to your niche, audience and personal interests. Otherwise, you can use your own customizations to tweak your design however you want with their simple easy-to-use customization panel.

Pros And Cons Of Using Elegant Themes

We all know WordPress is the most user-friendly and widely used CMS (Content Management System). It lets you build beautiful and functional websites from its vast collection of themes and plugins. Simply to say, Elegant themes have developed more than 87 purposes built themes which will be used for all kinds of niche. As every coin has two sides, it too has pros and cons. Let’s see that.


  • You can create a website very easily and fastly.
  • You absolutely don’t need to learn to code. It takes very less time to just drag and drop to develop a website.
  • Offers design consistency. It allows you to create a template, pages what’s not.
  • Themes are optimized in such a way that it takes about 3 seconds to load.


  • There is a compatibility problem with some WordPress plugins.
  • If you wish to migrate to another WordPress theme, it is a bit difficult. The transition is not so easy.

What I Really Like About Elegant Themes?

One of the best things I like about using them as they come at a stunning price. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make your blog design appealing.

Even if you are on a low budget, you could get all of their 87 themes just by paying $89. That’s really a steal when you compare them to any other premium WordPress themes like Genesis or Thesis.

Here are few more built-in features that make Elegant themes review rock!

Ad management:

Elegant themes have a built-in module to easily place your banner ads all over your WordPress sites. You just need to add the URL of the pages where you want to show your banner ads. And you’re done, it will take care of the rest.

Integrated tab:

It helps you add 3rd party scripts such as Yoast code, Alexa code, Google Analytics etc.

Contact form:

Elegant themes framework offers you a built-in contact form to easily integrate on your sites. Normally WordPress doesn’t give built-in contact form, people usually add extra plugins such as Contact Form 7 to do this. So you will not only save extra burden on your web hosting by NOT installing extra plugins but you will find it easy to create a contact page for your WP sites.

Member login:

This feature helps you to easily add login and registration forms on your WordPress sites. If you are planning to create a membership site, this is an amazing feature for you where your visitors or members required to sign in to read and share your content.

They Load Very Fast:

According to KissMetrics, 40% of website visitors abandon a site that takes too long to load. Mind you, the theme you’re using on your site will also impact your loading speed, that’s one good thing about Elegant Themes, their themes are designed to load in a super lightening speed.

They Support Custom SEO Titles:

Elegant Themes allows you to add your own custom title for your blog in case you choose to add your own homepage title.

The Elegant Themes Review

If you’ve been blogging for a while, you may have already known the fact that design is the king. Google is also giving top priority to sites that have good design elements which can make your site loading time faster.

The only way you can do that is to either hire a designer to design your site or invest some money in getting a design that is developed by the best team in the world just like Elegant themes. This Elegant themes review is NOT written just to increase my sales but to help you pick the best themes for your WordPress sites at a minimal cost.


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Elegant Themes Review: The Perfect In-Built SEO WordPress Themes

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