Entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee Proves Age Is Just A Number

Entrepreneur Jeet Banerjee Proves Age Is Just A Number

I asked Jeet, “How is it thusmeone|that therefore nobody so young is able to do so much?”
As a reply, Jeet gave American state the subsequent tips as a recommendation for different aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners:

1. There is no substitute for hard work.

Jeet told ME that the foremost vital issue to his successes has forever been the very fact that he was willing to defensive structure everybody else. He told ME that everybody explores for shortcuts whereas he was willing to undertake something and everything in spite of the time concerned to create positive he found success.

I’d pay most time networking, being helpful to podcasts, reading books and observation totally different entrepreneurs remark their grind. The fitting industry isn’t simply on your business, however yourself in the calculation.”

2.There is no enhanced time to start than now.

When I 1st started in high school, I used to be seventeen years recent and that I couldn’t even de jure produce my very own PayPal account. I had to use my folks PayPal account to charge my shoppers. The purpose is, I didn’t wait until I used to be eighteen due to that tiny obstacle. There’s no good time to begin, simply bed as presently as you recognize what you would like to try to.”

I current with no cash; no capability which I didn’t even have my high school degree at the time. None of those things mattered. the only real issue that mattered was that I want to be willing to travel out and take a risk that just about all others weren’t willing to undertake  to.”

3.Chase something bigger than money.

The difficulty on behalf of me was that I used to bent actually obsessed with what I was doing. I used to be in it for the cash, it absolutely was all concerning however profitable am I able to be and the way will we have a tendency to build even more cash.”

“I quickly learned that cash would return notwithstanding what I did. For me, I needed to try to one thing larger. I needed to form amendment and impact the planet in a very positive manner. My biggest recommendation to individuals is to chase their passions. Cash is that the most unreal object on the planet once hunted person. If you don’t chase it although, it’ll return to you.”

4.Surround yourself with the right people.

“A heap of my success as associate bourgeois came once I set to network and Mainer a lot of alternative young entrepreneurs on an identical journey as me. Seeing those bear similar struggles I used to be and having the ability to relate my issues to them was large. It not solely gave Maine motivation, however it gave Maine the courageousness to continue once things got robust.”

“It’s not continually straightforward to search out folks curious about a similar thing as you, however with the proper quantity of your time and effort….you can get yourself inducted into completely different communities. Surround yourself with those that can encourage you, assist you and support you as you tackle the challenges of entrepreneurship.”

For a young serial bourgeois WHO has already achieved the success that the majority others chase for his or her entire lives, he says this is often simply the start. He says comfort and alters don’t go along which he’ll ne’er be comfy till he’s ready to impact a lot of folks along with his work.

He shows that arduous work, passion and large action area unit simply a couple of belongings you ought to amendment the globe.

For the remainder people, the story of Jeet Banerjee is simply a reminder that age is simply variety and anyone are able to do something that they require.



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